Available Positions

Service Specialist

The Service Specialist position is a non-exempt hourly rate plus commission that is the first impression of high-class service to our guests. The Service Specialist's primary responsibility is to be present at the kiosk to provide every guest with a warm welcome and friendly smile. They are responsible to introduce the MCCW Unlimited Membership plans to every guest, answer questions and assist guests with enrolling into the membership of their choice. In addition, the Sales Specialist must also conduct safety inspections and preps every vehicle for the wash tunnel, identifies pre-existing and potential damage issues, and optimizes the guest experience by providing safety instructions and directions to the tunnel entrance. The commission is based on sales made per the local sales commission program.

Car Wash Associate

The Carwash associate position is a non-exempt hourly rate position. The carwash associate performs the duties of their position based on the Mr. Clean Carwash training. They consistently deliver fantastic quality with attention to detail with a focus on high levels of customer service while assuring guest satisfaction. Bonus can be included in some of the different carwash positions. Express carwash positions include lot attendant, loader/tunnel prep/kiosk assist, and POS user. The carwash associate needs to be certified in all positions and their work day can be any or all of these positions based on business and management direction.


The General Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the entire site, Carwash, and Lube Centers at Mr. Clean Carwash with an owner's mentality. They are directly responsible for attaining sales/profit goals and maintaining company values, policies, and culture. They are also responsible for inventory management of carwash/lube supplies/tools, boutique items and snacks, administrative/operational processes/procedures, equipment functionality, and performance cleaning supplies and consumables for the site and local store marketing initiatives. They are responsible for maintaining the Brand, Customer Service, and Quality Standards of the site, managing production and service flow, hiring, training, and coaching the staff using leadership skills. The General Manager is the hands-on general manager of the location supported by their Carwash and Lube Managers and must be able to perform all positions of the carwash and lube departments. A quarterly bonus is paid on profitability and sales. Bonus payout can be reduced/forfeited for damages, performance or attendance issues, poor mystery shop/guest survey results, and poor site certification.

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