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Window Spots And How To Get Rid Of Them

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

When you run your car through the wash, the result should be a spotless finish that’s clean from top to bottom. But if you’re noticing a lot of window spots, as well as spots throughout your vehicle caused by water, even after a towel dry, it can be challenging to determine exactly what went wrong. Here are a few potential types of issues regarding window spots and water spots and what you might want to consider doing to remedy the problem.

Avoid Storing Your Vehicle In The Elements
In some cases, depending on where you live, you may not be able to provide adequate shelter for your car. If a carport or garage is out of reach, try using a car cover when you’re vehicle is not in use. Certain types of water exposure, including acid rain, can be a significant contributor to the development of spots on the exterior of your vehicle. The acidic effect of acid rain, including the elevated amount of hydrogen ions can easily damage the paint on your car. Stopping off at a Mr. Clean Car Wash location can help to reduce the effects of acid rain and accumulating water spots on your vehicle’s paint. A clay bar treatment helps to target paint oxidation, overspray and acid rain build up.

Get Frequent Car Washes
The water spots on your windshield and the painted surface of your vehicle could be caused by a variety of reasons, including:

  • Acid rain exposure if you live or drive through a highly polluted environment.
  • Mineral buildup from exposure to a non-filtered water source.
  • Salt accumulation from saltwater particles.

If the paint on your vehicle is older or in poor condition, oxidation may have occurred. This means that paint is degenerating and becomes porous for attracting materials. The result leaves behind spots and stains that are hard to eliminate. Your Mr. Clean Car Wash Specialist will be able to use a step wax process which targets oxidation and other surface contaminants. You’ll end up with a lasting shine that also protects your vehicle from further stain and damage.

Seek An Interior Detail
Water spots can also show up on the interior of your vehicle as well. These are generally caused from staining or accidental water splashes during everyday use. The best way to target interior water stains is to use ammonia-free based products to wipe away all contaminants that may be contributing to spots and streaks. Wipe any residue away with a soft, towel to prevent scratching and stain reoccurrence. Take away the hard work by hiring a technician from Mr. Clean Car Wash to give you a professional interior cleaning that focuses on window cleaning and protecting hard surfaces that are prone to water spots.

Keep A Towel Handy
In between professional cleanings from Mr. Clean Car keep your vehicle as dry and clean as possible. If your car has been exposed to acid rain or a hard water sprinkler system, try to stop by Mr. Clean Car Wash for a quick rinse. If you’re unable to visit a location, keep your vehicle ‘s exterior as dry as possible. This can help prevent water spots from forming.

Water spots are a bothersome effect of owning a vehicle, no matter how clean you keep it. Let the experts at Mr. Clean Car Wash help make your car shine year round.

Before You Search for “Car Wash Near Me,” Check Your Schedule.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

When you pull up your favorite search engine and type in “car wash near me,” you’ve probably got a few priorities in mind: convenience, cost, how long it’s going to take, etc. But have you ever thought about the when? In other words, is there any time that’s better than another when it comes to getting your car washed? The answer is a resounding “yes”… but it’s not the same for everybody. Here are some things to think about when you’re deciding when to get your car washed:

What’s the forecast?
You may have heard that you should never wash your car on a sunny day, but that only applies to home washes. Excessive heat can cause soapy water to dry before you have a chance to get it off, running the risks of spots. That’s not a concern when you use a professional car wash, so sunny days are perfectly fine. But the same isn’t true for rain.

Unless you live in a heavily polluted area, it’s not the rain itself that will ruin your fresh wash; it’s the water that splashes up from the road surface. Think about it – all the dirt and grime from thousands of cars has been building up ever since the last rain, and, as soon as that road gets wet, it starts splashing up on your car. Most car washes offer a rain guarantee – a free rewash if it rains within a certain time span – but you still have to take the time to do the whole thing again. So it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast first.

Where will my car be?
Some places contribute more dirt than others. If you’ll be taxiing kids back and forth to ball games all weekend and parking on or near dirt, gravel, and grass, you might want to wait until Monday. That way you can enjoy your clean car for a week before the next round of games starts.

What’s my schedule?
There’s one truth about modern life that we all share: being so busy that we try to wedge to-do list items in anywhere we can. A professional car wash isn’t one of those things. It doesn’t take that long, but you can’t rush the process, either. If your car is still in the tunnel when it is time for you to leave to pick your kids up, there’s only so much you can do. And if you leave while your car is still wet, you’ll have spots and swirls. Therefore, before you Google “car wash near me” check out all of our locations and find the closest near you. At Mr. Clean Car Wash we pride ourself on fast service and we can make sure your car is ready to go when it is time to pick up your kids.

What’s the occasion?
There’s just one thing that can cancel out all of the other considerations: a special occasion. Whether it’s a first date, a job interview, or lunch with a big client, a special occasion trumps everything. Even if it’s going to rain tomorrow and you’ll be parking on a muddy field the day after that, when you need a clean car – well, you need a clean car. Appearances count, and right before a special occasion is always a great time for a professional car wash.

The point is that planning ahead and thinking about how a car wash fits your personal schedule can help you save both time and money. Mr. Clean Car Wash is ready when you are. Stop by today for $5 off our Signature Shine Full Service Car Wash or any single detailing service.

Why Detailing Is More Than Just A Car Wash

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

You probably have heard of people getting their cars detailed and wondered what that means. Is it just a fancy word for a car wash? No. Good detailing starts with a good car wash, but it goes far beyond that. It’s like the difference between dusting your home and doing a good spring cleaning. Both are important, but that spring cleaning goes a lot further. And so does detailing.

When you take your car in for detailing, a full-service car wash is followed up with deep cleanings such as a clay bar that can remove fading, scuffs and gunk from road tar and bird mess to tree sap. Polish removes old wax buildup and new wax gives your car a deep, long-lasting shine and protects your paint’s clear coat finish from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Your tires and wheels are cleaned, polished and dressed.

But that’s just the outside of your car. Detailing also makes the inside of your car, truck, SUV or minivan look its best, with cleaning and shampooing for the carpet. Your seats are given special attention with a solution for cloth and conditioners and tanners for leather. The hard surfaces like your dashboard and door panels are scrubbed to remove dirt and stains, then protected with a vinyl dressing.

Best of all, a good detailing makes your car look better longer. It’s not the same as a car wash or a replacement for your regularly scheduled car wash. It’s something you should add to your car care that enhances the value of your vehicle and your enjoyment of it. Learn more about the detail services available at Mr. Clean Car Wash and our detailing promotions here.

Maintenance After a Car is Cleaned

Monday, May 30th, 2016

It may be surprising, but a clean car is just as important to maintenance as an oil change. Keeping a vehicle well maintained not only helps keep up the value of the vehicle, but protect it from outside elements. Here are some ways to keep the clean after the wash.

The ideal way to protect a car from getting dirty faster after a wash is by parking in a garage. A garage provides safety from the elements, tree branches and dirt that may get swept up in the wind, as well as UV rays. A carport is also a good option because of the overall shelter it provides. Shelter from the elements is the primary way to ensure a cleaner vehicle, but this may not always an option.

A car cover may also be an option if a garage or carport. Car covers help to protect from elements like UV rays, and act as a barrier between the elements and the vehicle. However, a car is only as clean as the car cover. If the cover is not kept in a place that is clean and void of elements, it can transfer dirt and grime to the car it is covering. Car covers can also attract moisture underneath, which can cause a problem, especially if mixed with dirt. Also, when a car cover is consistently removed from the vehicle it can often scratch the car in the process.

No matter what the protection options are, getting regular car washes will help keep a vehicle clean and relatively free of dirt that can scratch, or damage, the car body. Don’t limit the clean to once or twice a month, sign up for unlimited car washes with Mr. Clean Car Wash to ensure a well-maintained vehicle every time. Right now, save $5 off your next visit when you purchase a Signature Shine Full Service Wash.

Emissions Testing: What Is It and When Is The Best Time To Get It Done?

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

One of your main priorities is likely taking care of your vehicle from top to bottom. While keeping it clean and looking its best is important, so is caring for your vehicle’s exhaust system. Emissions testing is important because it checks for defaults in your vehicle’s exhaust system, including the catalytic converter to make sure that there are no leaks and that the entire unit is working properly. Mr. Clean Car Wash centers offer emissions testing, along with other important maintenance services that can help improve engine performance. Here are answers to some common questions regarding emissions testing and what you need to do to stay in compliance.

What Is Emissions Testing?

An Emissions test measures the amount of exhaust emissions within the engine of your car. Results are recorded during the test during different cycles in relation to specific conditions that your engine operates under. The main goal is to check for pollutants and excess exhaust that could mean your engine is putting out more waste into the air than the average vehicle. The results are calculated right away after the test—allowing you enough time to have these issues fixed before you renew your vehicle’s registration.

When To Set Up An Emissions Appointment

You may be asking yourself when is the best time to get an emissions test done? A general rule of thumb, is just before your birthday each year. If you live in Texas, an initial safety inspection and emissions test called Air Check Texas, must be given before you register the vehicle. Some Texas counties, including Galveston and Fort Bend require annual emissions tests thereafter. The Georgia Department of Driver Services requires any vehicles that are three years or older to have a passing emissions test before you can register that vehicle every year. An exception would be if the vehicle is 25 years or older. The Georgia Clean Air Force recommends that you should set up an appointment with a certified emissions service center, at least three weeks in advance of your birthday, so that you can make sure you have enough time for an inspection and to make any necessary updates or needed repairs. Visit your local Mr. Clean Car Wash to have a certified and thorough Emissions test on your vehicle.

Take Strides To Combat Air Pollution

Not only can pollution exposure affect your health significantly, especially if you have respiratory issues, it also damages the environment. Examples are:

  • Breakdown of the ozone layer
  • Damage to wildlife, trees and plants
  • Production of acid rain
  • Crop and soil contamination
  • Damage to aquatic life

Emissions testing is one way you help the environment, but frequent diagnostic testing at a Mr. Clean Car Wash can help too. This includes oil changes, transmission servicing and periodic fuel filter replacement.

Protect Your Car From The Elements

Just as much as your car can release greenhouse gases into the air, it also needs to be protected from it. Here are some ways that the pros at a Mr. Clean Car Wash can help you out:

  • Frequent washes with the Monthly Unlimited Wash program to wash away pollen and pollutants that lead to oxidation
  • Air and cabin filter replacement to help reduce toxins from entering your car’s interior
  • Under body rust inhibitor to help combat decay and exterior deterioration due to salt and environmental toxins

All are important factors when it comes to emissions release and protecting the Earth’s air.

Wether you live in Texas or Georgia, be sure to schedule an appointment today with Mr. Clean Car Wash to ensure your vehicle is safe to be on the road.

Car Wash efficiency Starts with Two

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Believe it or not, a car wash can be a difficult thing. Especially when considering all the components of a professional car wash. Taking note of the details can make all the difference in a superior clean and shine. One way to ensure careful consideration is in accountability and a second eye, which is why two finishers are better than one.

First of all, time is a huge consideration to both the finisher and to the customer. Everyone has busy schedules and places they need to be at a certain time. Having each finisher dry their own side of the car allows for efficiency and time management. The car will be done in half the time and helps to “Clean Cars FAST!”

In fact, one of the selling points of a full-service car wash is that it takes the same amount of time to go through the tunnel no matter what level of wash selected. No need to sacrifice time for quality.

Then two finishers begin drying the car after it exits the tunnel giving an all around clean in half the time. The process is mirrored on both sides, getting the car finished faster than if only one person was doing the job. Having a finisher man each side not only gets the process finished faster, but also lets the finisher pay attention to detail on their designated side. The system helps the finishers to work as a team that gets the customer in and out faster, respecting their time and money. Also, having a designated side encourages team effort because both finishers know where to focus in order to get the job done in the most efficient way. Only having one person on each side really helps maximize clean and quality.

When it comes to getting a car clean fast, Mr. Clean Car Wash is the place to go. Find out more about Mr. Clean Car Wash’s processes and procedures, and understand how a car can be cleaner simply with an extra hand.

Pollen Season: Some Do’s And Dont’s When Caring For Your Car

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Most people look forward to spring with the flowers blooming and the smell of fresh cut grass. But if you’re one of the 50 million people who suffer from seasonal allergies, it can be a challenging experience. Pollen grain is one of the most common substances that can trigger an allergic response in humans. As a fine powder, pollen ends up airborne and can land just about anywhere—including on and inside your vehicle. While you may clean your home’s air ducts to reduce the effects of a pollen invasion, don’t forget your car. Here are just a few ways that you can care for your vehicle this spring and prevent pollen from taking over.

Don’t Put Off Pre-Pollen Car Care

Just before spring arrives, it’s time to start prepping your car for pollen. Flower and tree pollen are prevalent in the spring. While the dust buildup of green or pink on your car may seem harmless enough, it can cause more harm than good. The acidity within the pollen grain can lead to premature oxidation and stain the paint on your car. Visiting a Mr. Clean Car Wash for an exterior detailing, including a polish and synthetic wax will help reduce the likelihood of pollen oxidation and prolong the appearance of your vehicle’s paint. The pros will then add a triple shine protectant to your vehicle. This helps to resist future pollen buildup and ward off permanent stains caused from pollen.

Do Leave Pollen Removal To The Pros

On a windy day, pollen can accumulate on your vehicle even if you washed it just a few hours prior. This can be frustrating, especially if you’ve just had it cleaned. Removing it safely is likely your primary concern. Don’t forget to take your car to the pros to ensure a complete, professional wash. A great professional place will offer you a wash package that includes an under body wash and rust inhibitor-soft cloth wash to help eliminate pollen that is hiding in the crevices of your vehicle and underneath. For example, Mr. Clean Car Wash offers a 96-hour rewash to help make each visit cost effective during the busy pollen season.

Do Keep It Clean Inside

If you suffer from allergies, you may not be protected from the effects of allergic rhinitis or eye irritation caused by pollen while you’re inside your car. Pollen particles can easily reach inside your vehicle through the ventilation system or if you leave your window down accidentally. Cleaning or replacing the cabin filters in your car and having your ventilation system disinfected can cut down significantly on the allergic effects of pollen. An interior detail is one way to get a grip on pollen buildup.

Don’t Forget To Check Under The Hood

If your vehicle is clean from top to bottom, you’ve got a head start on fighting back at pollen. But don’t forget what’s being affected under the hood of your car. Here are some things you want to have checked when you are looking underneath the hood:

  • An air filter inspection and replacement if necessary
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Cleaning your fuel injection system
  • Emission testing

All of these components should be addressed, especially during pollen season to make sure your vehicle’s engine isn’t being affected by high pollen counts.

Start enjoying long spring and summer drives again. Take your vehicle worries away and keep pollen at bay by visiting a Mr. Clean Car Wash today!

How Routine Maintenance Improves Vehicle Longevity

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Your vehicle is an investment that you entrust will last for years to come. If you live a busy lifestyle, it can be easy to pass up important milestones that your car needs to effectively stay on the road. It’s imperative to not wait until engine breakdown occurs to get your car fixed. Practicing good routine maintenance now will help improve the overall longevity of your vehicle. Here are just a few things that you can do right away to help prevent future car issues.

Keeping Things Cool

In many cases, it may be too late for your engine when it starts to overheat or begins leaking coolant on a hot summer day. Now is the time to have your coolant system serviced by the pros. Frequent fluid top-ups will help keep your engine cool and reduce stress on your car’s heater and air conditioner. A belt check along with replacing coolant fluids will help improve the life of the vehicle’s engine and will give you a heads-up should there be an underlying problem with the vehicle’s radiator or thermostat.

Steering In The Right Direction

Spring and summer are the best times of the year to hit the open road. While tire suspension and care are the main priority, don’t forget to schedule an appointment for an auto transmission servicing and a front and rear differential inspection. A quality car care specialist can thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s motor and suspension. A good service should provide:

  • A complete tire inspection including rotation and balancing
  • Replacement of a dirty air and fuel filter
  • Power steering fluid exchange
  • Inspection of the transfer case
  • Differential and transaxle servicing
  • A transmission fluid exchange

Routine oil changes are also very important to your car’s engine. Setting scheduled oil changes and a complete vehicle maintenance checkup will prevent major problems from occurring in the future.

Clear The Air

Over time, the air filters under the hood can lead to weak performance of your vehicle. Having these replaced frequently will help ensure that your car is running top-notch at all times. In addition, making sure that the cabin filters inside your car are clean can help reduce odors and keep allergen-causing pollen at bay.

Frequent Washes And Detailing

Proper maintenance under the hood is essential to keep your car safe on the road and avoid breakdown, but you should also keep it clean as well. Not washing your vehicle routinely can lead to paint oxidation and rust growth. Once rust settles in, it will need professional sandblasting to restore its quality. Prevent these issues from leading to widespread damage by having your car washed, detailed at a Mr. Clean Car Wash location. An underbody rust inhibitor and Mr. Clean surface protectant are small steps you can take to caring for the body of your vehicle and reducing rust under the hood. Scheduling a professional interior detailing will help keep your car’s interior clean and reduce wear and tear during the travel months.

Schedule an appointment today at your nearest Mr. Clean Car Wash location to have your car pampered and cared from top to bottom!

WSB’s Mark Arum & His Jeep Cherokee

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Of all the cars I’ve ever owned – from sports cars, to trucks to SUV’s— my favorite is my 1998 Jeep Cherokee. I still own it and will probably always own it. It is a beast. It has a five-speed manual transmission and it has seen and driven through it all. Ice storms, snow storms, floods: This fiend of a car has tamed them all.

My 1998 Jeep Cherokee has taken me on long trips up mountains and over sandy beaches. It has never let me down. That being said, it has certainly seen better days. There is a huge dent on the back left fender (don’t ask). There are various nicks and dings all along the body. The interior is disintegrating. There are holes on the cloth seats, the steering wheel padding is long gone and the interior lining of the roof is shedding like big furry dog. Yes, it is actually shedding. The radio works, though— when it wants to.

The good news? It runs great. I never have to worry when I crank my baby up and head out on the roads. Despite my car’s haggard appearance, I still try to treat her well. My baby deserves to be pampered with frequent oil changes, tune-ups and of course, Mr. Clean Car Wash’s Signature Shine Car Washes.

However, a couple of weeks ago when I brought my car in for her wash it occurred to me: Despite my car’s age and appearance, I still ask for the “new car” air freshener. Forget the fact the Bill Clinton was President when my beast was a new car—I always insist on “new car”. Why do I do that? Who am I fooling? No one on the planet would think for one second that my ’98 Cherokee is a new car. I even laughed out loud when I realized I was asking for “new car” scent for my now 18-year-old automobile.

I’ve asked some of my male friends what scents they get when they get their cars cleaned. A lot choose “leather” or “neutral”. Some prefer “strawberry”, “cherry” or “vanilla”. Not me though. I know a floral or fruity aroma wouldn’t fit my well-weathered SUV. I guess of all of the scents, “neutral” or “leather” are the closest to my preference (even though there is not one stitch of leather in my Jeep since the steering wheel cover disappeared years ago.).

Though I find what these dudes like to have their car smell like very interesting– I’m still going to get “new car” for my baby. Why? Though my car might not look like a new car, she sure deserves to smell like a new car given all we’ve been through. After all, she is my favorite—and I want nothing but the best for my beast.

Your Car’s Engine Throughout The Seasons: How Weather Has An Impact

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

It can be easy to take your vehicle for granted. With numerous road adventures and daily treks to and from the office, even light wear and tear can affect the overall performance of your car’s engine. Keep in mind that weather conditions that your car is frequently exposed to can also affect driving as well as certain mechanical problems. Here are a just a few common problems that you should look out for as your car makes it throughout the seasons.

Spring Into Allergy Season

As spring approaches, it’s easy to think about hitting the road and enjoying the awakening of beautiful flowering trees and plants. Along with that comes the wrath of pollination. Pollen buildup along roadways and in the air may not seem like a big deal unless you have allergies. As your car’s AC system is running, air is being brought in through the engine area. You may want to consider:

  • Installing a new cabin air filter to prevent excess pollen from reaching inside your car and to improve overall air quality.
  • Having your mechanic replace your car’s air filter to help filter pollen and dirt buildup within your engine.

Frequent carwashes at a Mr. Clean Car Wash can help keep pollen counts down and Mr. Clean Car Wash & Oil Change Plus can improve the performance of your car’s engine with a new air filter.

Summer Sun Fun

The summertime heat can wreak havoc on your car’s cooling system. If the coolant is running low, or is in need of being replaced, your vehicle’s thermostat will begin to rise. Overheating can easily occur—leading to significant engine damage. Visit your auto tech throughout the summer to check for coolant leaks and to ensure that fluid levels are within normal range. Get your radiator flushed at Mr. Clean Car Wash & Oil Change Plus so you can hit the road knowing your coolant won’t let you down!

Fall Color Road Trips

As temperatures cool down a bit and leaves begin to turn colors, it’s the perfect time to head north to experience fall color changes. Here are a few car engine tips to consider:

  • Don’t forget frequent oil changes and transmission checkups throughout the fall months. Your technician may recommend a higher viscosity if you’re planning on making a lengthy road trip.

Stop by your local Mr. Clean Car Wash & Oil Change Plus to help your engine perform at its best.

Winter Engine Care

When ice and cold temperatures begin to approach, it’s time to think about engine maintenance. Be sure that your antifreeze levels are within the specified range in your engine. This will lubricate components, prevent fluids from freezing and allow your engine to provide proper heat. Don’t forget to run your vehicle through the Mr. Clean Car Wash to remove salt and dirt buildup from treated roadways.

Keeping your engine serviced should be a huge priority for overall preventative care year round. Along with that comes routine maintenance to ensure your vehicle’s engine is working top-notch through every season. Remember to check out money saving coupons on your next oil change and car wash at Mr. Clean Car Wash.