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Preparing Your Car For The Winter Holidays

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

With the holidays just around the corner, your to-do list is likely a mile long! With last minute shopping and rushing around to get your home ready for guests, your car may be the last thing that crosses your mind. You depend on your car for many things, so that’s why it’s so important to make sure that it’s prepped and ready to go before you embark on holiday travel plans. Here are just a few ways to get ready when preparing your car when it comes to traveling for the holidays.

Shine Up With An Interior And Exterior Wash
A lot of people neglect their vehicles in the winter, especially just before the holidays, because they’re too busy or feel like they can’t work anything extra into their holiday budget. When it comes to preparing your car for winter driving, Mr. Clean Car Wash offers affordable wash services year-round. And just before the upcoming winter holidays is the best time to visit us for a full interior and exterior clean. On the inside we hand wipe your console and dash, as well as vacuum and clean your windows until they’re streak free. The result is an odor-free interior that you’ll enjoy taking your family shopping in. We don’t leave anything untouched on the outside. We wash and hand dry your vehicle, and leave your tires and wheels looking great. Not only should you visit us before you make holiday travel plans, don’t forget to stick a Mr. Clean Car Wash gift card in your favorite car lover’s stocking this season.

Keep Car Engine Temps Down When On The Road
With changing temperatures here in the south, you can have a warm day where you run your air conditioner and the next morning, you’ll need your defrost and heat on to help warm your vehicle up. Over time, your vehicle’s heating system could be compromised because of the fluctuations in temps. Having a periodic antifreeze exchange, especially just before you’ll be making a long holiday road trip is vital. Visit Mr. Clean Car Wash to have our pros inspect your cooling system and perform an antifreeze flush.

Don’t Grind Your Gears As You Travel
Making sure that the fluids on your vehicle are filled properly is very important for holiday travel. Your transmission is one example. Driving through hilly terrain or on slick roadways means that your car’s transmission is working at its max capacity. Our technicians will examine your car’s transmission and top off fluids if low. A transmission flush service will make sure that your vehicle’s transmission fliuid is clean to protect the internal components of your transmission, whether it is an automatic or manual transmission.

Here at Mr. Clean Car Wash we are multi-faceted. We offer a variety of car cleaning services and engine maintenance packages to suit your needs. Give us a call today so we can help eliminate one more stress for you this holiday season.

It’s More Than Just Tires. How To Prep Your Vehicle For Winter Driving.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

With the cooler, winter months approaching, there’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to car winterizing and maintenance. Here at Mr. Clean Car Wash, we want you to know we’re multifaceted. We strive to give you the right services that’ll make your driving experience the best it can be. From keeping your vehicle clean and bright to checking your tires and what’s under the hood, we want you to drive away happy and satisfied. Here are a few reasons why you should swing by today to get your car checked—before the freezing drizzle sets in.

Steering In The Right Direction
When the temps plummet, one of the first things you need to be in control of is the steering on your car. While tires provide traction and tread, the steering needs to be in top-notch shape at all times. Here at Mr. Clean Car Wash, we can do a routine power steering flush before winter sets in and every 30,000 miles thereafter to help remove metal fragments that damage the rack and pinion, gear box and hoses connected to the power steering pump. We will flush the system and top it off with new high-grade fluids, to create a safe driving experience for you this winter.

Shining Light On The Matter
When the rain is turning to ice or fog and light snow begins falling outside, you’ll need to be able to see the road clearly. This starts with a clean windshield. Stop in and let us clean your vehicle to help your windshield and windows repel water off of the surface. From there, we can install the right wiper blades to effectively improve your line of vision from your vehicle. A headlight restoration will clear up your dull and yellowed headlight lenses and will also make your driving experience safer when driving through rain and winter storms.

More Than Just Get Up And Go
Hitting the open road and facing an ice or light snow storm, means your vehicle has got to get enough power to make it through a small snow drift or muddy incline. We offer fuel injector cleanings, throttle plate cleanings, and transmission servicing so that your vehicle won’t resist the urge to gain the power it needs for tough weather days. Ask us about full-service packages that will help keep your vehicle ahead of the game this winter.

Mr. Clean Car Wash is here for you. Prep now for winter driving and call us today to schedule an appointment.

Detail In Winter? Yes!

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

If you think detailing your car is just for those spring and summer months where the sun can glint off the freshly polished and waxed exterior, think again. Here’s why you should detail in winter:

One of the number one enemies is road salt. It can eat through your car’s finish and contribute to premature rusting. Detailing in winter with a thorough process including a car wash, polish and wax to get that corrosion-causing road salt off your car and lay down a protective layer that will help keep it off your car as winter wears on.

Even if you live in an area where they don’t salt the roads, the caked-on snow, ice, mud and grime can trap moisture against your car’s finish with—you guessed it—the same result: A ruined finish and an early trip to the junkyard because of rust that could have been prevented or at least delayed with a good detail in winter.

But it’s not just your car’s exterior that needs attention. A thorough detail in winter is important for your car’s interior, too. Every time you get in your vehicle with wet, muddy or snowy shoes, your carpet takes a hit. It needs to be cleaned more often, not less, when winter rolls around. And your shoes likely aren’t the only part of you bringing grit and grime into your car. Cloth and leather interiors both need more frequent vacuuming during the winter months to prevent scratches, rips and tears.

And how about those temperature extremes? From freezing (or below freezing) temperatures to the occasional bright sunny day, your leather, vinyl and plastic parts go through a lot of contracting and expanding with the cold and heat. Proper regular conditioning of those surfaces will prevent them from becoming dry, brittle and cracking apart.

Mr. Clean Car Wash offers the same full range of detailing services year-round, because your car needs that kind of care in winter, summer, spring and fall. And with these specials, you can even save some money!

Tips for Attaching a Tree to Your Car

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Before you can gather around the Christmas tree and enjoy the holiday spirit, it’s necessary to get the tree home from the lot. Unless they deliver, you’ll find it necessary to transport the tree in your car.

Rather than having a Grinch experience that results in damage when attaching a tree to your car, keep the following tree hauling tips in mind.

  • Plan ahead. Prepare before attaching a tree to your car by gathering necessary items. You will need blankets, tarps or plastic sheeting to protect the interior and exterior of your car from sap and needles. A blanket placed between your tree and the roof of the car can prevent scratching. In order to secure the tree to your car, bring rope, bungee cording or straps that are soft enough not to scratch your car’s surface.
  • Protect your auto with a car wax. Prior to transporting your tree, it’s a good idea to get a car wax. A high-quality waxing will provide a buffer between your car and the tree and hauling materials. Wax provides a valuable layer of protection.
  • Consider size. Aim for buying a Christmas tree that will fit inside of your vehicle or on your car’s roof rack, if you have one. The smaller the tree, generally the easier it will be to transport without damaging your car.
  • Have your tree netted. If the service is available, have the tree netted before leaving the lot. This provides an added layer of protection between the tree and your auto and helps to preserve the tree. Netted trees are also less likely to sustain damage to the limbs and lose fewer needles during transport.
  • Secure the tree well and in the right direction. Avoid wind damage to your tree by attaching it to your car so that the stump end faces the front of your vehicle. When you drive, the wind will push the limbs and needles in the tree’s natural direction of growth. Before leaving the Christmas tree lot, tug on your tree to make certain it is secure. If you inadequately attach a tree to your car, you risk creating dangerous debris while driving. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, more than 200,000 auto crashes occurred between 2011 and 2014 because of debris on U.S. roads. This resulted in about 39,000 injuries and more than 500 deaths. Drive home slowly, and avoid the highway or freeway.
  • Have your car cleaned promptly. Ensure that troublesome staining from sap is removed and stray needles are vacuumed up as soon as possible after hauling your Christmas tree home. The sooner you have your car detailed, the less long-lasting damage your auto is likely to sustain. Click here for valuable discounts on car detailing.

Why You Should Wax Your Car Before Winter Comes

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

When you wax your car in spring and summer, you get to enjoy the gleam of the sun off your glossy, shiny paint . And then there’s the fun of watching the spring and summer raindrops bead up so perfectly on that mirror-like finish. But there are very practical reasons to wax your car before the winter weather arrives.

You see, car wax isn’t all about the shine. It’s also about putting a buffer between your car’s paint and the elements. When it turns cold, you’re dealing with everything from decomposing leaves covering your car to snow, ice, dirt, grime and road salt. They all stick to your car and they’re a lot more stubborn than most summer dirt to remove. Every one of them can do damage to your paint. So it’s best to wax your car to give it that layer of protection.

Pressed for time? The good news is you can have Mr. Clean Car Wash wax your car. Choose the Mr. Clean Signature Shine wash, which includes hand-finished wheels, tire shine, underbody wash, underbody rust inhibitor, triple shine polish, surface protectant as well as clean windows, a vacuumed interior, a wipe down of your dash and an odor eliminator.

Want to treat your car? There’s also the Super Shine Detail. That’s everything in the Signature Shine package plus a carpet shampoo, leather or cloth seat and hard surface cleaning and conditioning and cleaning and polishing your door jambs. Plus, the wax is upgraded to the Express Wax service. Applied with an orbital, it cleans of minerals, dirt and light oxidation and gives a dramatic improvement to your paint’s clear coat. Or take it to the next level with the Two-Step Wax. In step one, polish is applied to remove old wax buildup, minor oxidation and surface contaminants. Step two is the application of synthetic wax to produce a deep, long-lasting shine and protect your clear coat finish from the elements, damaging UV rays and the effects of old man winter.

What could be better? How about saving money at the same time? Click here for a valuable discount on your detail. Don’t delay—winter and winter weather will be here before you know it.

Tough Stains in Your Car’s Interior (and what to do about them)

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Remember when your car was your baby? Tough stains weren’t an issue because you wouldn’t allow anything that could cause such a thing anywhere near the interior of your car.

Then came real babies. And not-entirely-leakproof sippy cups, juice boxes and dropped crayons (or worse, a misused crayon in the hands of a child that saw that flawless upholstery as a blank canvas) that sit there on the seat or the carpeting until you find them. Which makes tough stains even tougher. What can you do to get your original baby’s interior looking better? The best course of action against tough stains is a one-two punch: Some early action with some household products, followed by a trip to Mr. Clean Car Wash for an interior detail service. Here are some examples of stains that are tough, but that you can lessen the impact of.

  • Chocolate: Your best bet is to allow it to completely harden before you try to remove it. Get as much as you can, and then blot the area with colorless dishwashing liquid and water, using a light-colored cloth. If it’s milk chocolate, a little ammonia can help. Dark chocolate? A couple of tablespoons of white vinegar.
  • Crayons: Try liquid dishwashing soap and warm water. This one’s a tougher one and the color of the crayon makes a big difference.
  • Fruit Juice: Get some cold water on the stain, followed by warm water with a couple of drops of enzyme detergent.

That’s just three. This blog post has ten more that you should know about. When you’ve contained the damage, head for Mr. Clean Car Wash. Not all stains can be 100% removed (red stains, oil or grease generally don’t come out totally), but a good interior detailing can definitely improve the appearance of your car. Make sure to point out and discuss the stains you’re concerned about before the detailing starts. And check this page for coupons on detailing services.

Prepare Your Car for a Move

Friday, August 26th, 2016

Just as you take extra care packing up your personal belongings for a move to a new location, you want to do the same for your car. If you’ll be shipping your vehicle, it’s likely to arrive in good condition when you pay attention to the following important details as you prepare your car for a move.

Tip #1: Take Your Car in for Service
Even though you won’t be driving the car to the new location, it’s a good idea to take your vehicle in for service prior. Your auto technician can ensure that everything is in good shape and perform routine maintenance, such as an oil change and tire check and rotation. It’s especially important that the tires are properly inflated, because this will reduce the risk of damage to the tires during transport.

A written report on the current state of your car is also good to have for insurance purposes, in the event that there is damage to your vehicle during transport.

Tip #2: Have the Alarm Disabled
If your vehicle has a particularly sensitive alarm system that reacts when the car is moved, it’s advisable to have it disabled prior to transport. This will avoid your car alarm going off during moving, saving your battery and the sanity of whoever is transporting the vehicle.

Tip #3: Get Your Car Washed
As you prepare your car for a move, it’s a good idea to have it cleaned prior to transport. That way you’ll be able to note if there are any scratches or dings before your vehicle heads out. When your auto arrives at its destination, you’ll also be better able to check that it is still in good shape.

Tip #4: De-Clutter Your Car’s Interior
It’s possible that your car will experience shifting when in transport, so you want to avoid loose items in the interior that could fall and damage your car. Clear out or secure contents such as spare change, emergency kits, water bottles, gum, makeup, air fresheners and electronic equipment like chargers and cables. While you’re at it, have the car’s interior detailed so that it’s clean and tidy upon arrival.

Tip #5 : Drive off Most of the Gas
Since your car won’t be driven, it’s not necessary or advisable to have a full tank of gas. The more gas in the engine, the heavier your car will be, which may affect the transport cost. Leave just enough gas in the car to ensure that it can be driven at the loading and unloading locations.

Tip #6: Lock Your Car Up Tight
There should be no reason for the movers to get into your car once it’s loaded on the ship or truck, so lock your vehicle before you leave. Although it’s best not to store anything valuable inside, this will reduce the risk of theft and help to keep the car’s interior clean.

Tip #7: Remove Accessories
Take off and otherwise transport car accessories such as trailer hitches and bike racks. There is a good chance that if allowed to remain intact, such accessories may cause damage to your vehicle or surrounding cars or property.

At Mr. Clean Car Wash, we wish you and your auto safe travels. As you prepare your car for a move, if you have any questions about the best interior and exterior detailing for your vehicle, give us a call or stop in today.

Back To School: Get Your Car Ready With Some Help From Mr. Clean Car Wash

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

The end of summer is getting close. This can only mean one thing—back to school is right around the corner. Whether you’re a college student embarking on a cross-country adventure, or a soccer mom wanting to clean your car up before the big game, there are many ways to get the job done. Because your lifestyle is extremely busy, especially with back to school activities, when it comes to getting your car cleaned it is time to kick back and relax. Let the pros at Mr. Clean Car Wash do all of the dirty work for you and make your car outshine everything else. Here are some reasons to come visit us today!

Get Rid Of Aromatic Pet Odor
Throughout spring and summer, your car’s seats and floors have seen its fair share of pet traffic. From camping trips to long trips with Fido in the car, odors are bound to creep up. While most fragrances just mask odors, Mr. Clean Car Wash uses odor eliminators to target odors and get rid of them on contact. This will leave your entire car smelling fresh and pet free.

Releasing Summertime Stains
During the summer, you likely throw dirty items such as shoes, bathing suits and soccer balls in the backseat. You may miss a stain or two or simply not have the time to spot clean a mess. The result is a stain that is difficult to lift, no matter what type of cleaner or extraction process you use. Here at Mr. Clean Car Wash, we target and hone in on deep stains. We work at eliminating stains and restoring your upholstery’s appearance.

Clear The Air From Allergies And Toxins
When you use your vehicle during the spring, one troublesome culprit can wreak havoc on your allergies—pollen. Pollen is composed of tiny particles that break apart and release into the air. Not only can it trigger hay fever or mild respiratory symptoms, it can really mess with your vehicle, both inside and out. The dusty residue can actually oxidize the paint on your car and stain your upholstery. Drop off your car and we can clean your seat, carpets and interior hard surfaces.

Create New Car Appeal
If you’ll be carpooling with both kids and adults this fall, you’ll want your vehicle looking good enough to impress the Joneses. We offer a complete exterior detailing to make your entire car looks its best!

Prep For Passengers
Maybe your car is already in perfect shape, but because of your busy summer schedule, you just didn’t have the time or resources to detail out the interior. Let us take care of you and your car. We will do a complete interior detailing that targets:

  • Carpets
  • Seats
  • Interior-Plastics and Vinyl

In addition, your car will smell fresh and inviting, making it a joy to drive and show off to your passengers.

Full-Service Pampering
Let’s face it, your car is probably your best friend, especially because it goes everywhere you do. Don’t you want to give it only the very best in pampering and care? Drop your vehicle off and we take care of it from bumper-to-bumper. We can do:

  • A full service car wash
  • Exterior wax
  • An interior deep cleaning and detail
  • Oil change services
  • Preventative Maintenace

With so many things to do this summer and fall, don’t worry about car care. Save money with Mr. Clean Car Wash today and let us handle all of your back to school car care needs.

An Air Freshener Just Covers Smells. Achieve An Odor-Free Vehicle And Eliminate It For Good

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Keeping your car clean and dirt free is one thing, but making sure that bothersome odors don’t reappear is an entirely different challenge. The pros here at Mr. Clean Car Wash know and understand the challenges you may face with keeping stubborn smells at bay. While we hope you’ll take advantage of our professional interior detailing and savings to eliminate tough odors, but here are a few air freshener types that you can use in between deep cleanings.

Gel Packs
Gel pack fresheners offer a way to fill the air with your favorite scent and provide a long-lasting freshness that can last up to several weeks and months. They come in a variety of fragrances including:

  • Apple
  • Bubblegum
  • Melon
  • Grape and other fruit fragrances

You can place the canister under your seat or in another compartment for an intricate burst of freshness every time you cruise down the road. Gel packs are safe and not overbearing like other plug-in air fresheners are. And once you remove the canister, the smell is gone and doesn’t linger like a spray would. This freshener is a good product that allows you to conceal it while the scent outlasts all other car fragrance products.

Car fragrance sprays are a popular and easy choice for most people because they give off an instant scent. They come in a huge variety of scents to choose from and many are strong enough to last several hours and even days. Many have strong citrus tones. While this spray doesn’t neutralize odors like some sprays do, there is a robust citrus scent that embodies fresh, clean fruit.

Plug-In Varieties
Air fresheners that plug into your battery charger or clip are another variety that car lovers adore. They are easy to use and provide a burst of scent, especially when your car is running. Some can be overwhelming at first, especially for passengers who are placed directly in line with the freshener.

Hanging Scented Fresheners
Fresheners that hang in your vehicle either on available clips or your front mirror offer a light scent that can help ward off pesky odors. They are very economical and easy to use and dispose of. There are several popular hanging air fresheners and is often sold 3 or more to a pack. While an affordable alternative, they are not long lasting like an odor eliminator.

Vent Clips
Using vent clips offer a quick and easy way to get the scent you love fill the air every time you turn your air vents on. They work great with your air conditioner and the heater in your car. They are a great product that lets you enjoy the warm and cozy scents of home right inside the comfort of your vehicle. The downfall is that they dry out easily and have a short life of just a few weeks, or less if you use your vents very regularly.

While portable air fresheners are a great way to keep your car’s air smelling fresh, an odor eliminator by Mr. Clean Car Wash is the best option for lasting refreshing smelling interiors. Contact us today!

Interior Detailing: Utilizing The Benefits Of Using Mothers Brand Products

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

When it comes to getting the shine and sheen on your car’s exterior, applying only the best products is important. The same holds true for the inside as well. Here at Mr. Clean Car Wash, we use Mothers interior detailing products to create a long-lasting glowing shine both inside and out of your car that is hard to replicate anywhere else. If you’re looking to really achieve that interior glow within your vehicle, let us help you. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us:

Showroom Ready
If you’re trying to get your classic car ready for a big car show, you know that details are important. The pros here at Mr. Clean Car Wash are professional detailers who do just that—go over every tiny detail of your car. Here are some areas they will focus on:

  • The dashboard and rejuvenating dull plastic or wooden panels
  • Seats and door panels
  • The dirty spaces between vents and around the window trim
  • Door and trunk jambs
  • Windows and water stains
  • Carpet

The Mothers Vinyl Protectant helps restore dull oxidized plastic and vinyl surfaces in a matter of seconds. Using Mothers brand custom detail cleaning supplies and finishes will help make your car look like it was just driven off of the showroom lot.

Eliminate Dull Or Oxidized Surfaces
Over time, vinyl and leather can fade due to sunlight and other harsh contaminants. A leather cleaner can help lift stubborn grime and dirt that is hidden within the surface. Following up with leather conditioner helps restore the shine and luster that will make the seats and other areas look brand new. The combo vinyl, leather and rubber restorer helps to condition and protect seats and surfaces in between professional interior details.

Take Out Stubborn Stains
Sometimes new vehicles can quickly grasp stubborn stains due to pet traffic and common everyday spills. When you get a professional interior detailing service from Mr. Clean Car Wash, the pros tackle stains head on using carpet and upholstery cleaners.

Clear Up Odors
If your car has gotten wet on the inside, or some food spills have gone unnoticed, the smells it leaves behind can be hard to eliminate. Clear up stubborn odors with a Mr. Clean Car Wash interior detailing. We tackle smells by extracting dirt and grime and then applying an odor eliminator to help target bothersome scents and get rid of them from good. Air fresheners are a temporary fix to mask odors, not eliminate them like an odor eliminator would.

Visit Mr. Clean Car Wash today for a complete interior detail and car wash combo to fix all of your car care needs.