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Before You Search for “Car Wash Near Me,” Check Your Schedule.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

When you pull up your favorite search engine and type in “car wash near me,” you’ve probably got a few priorities in mind: convenience, cost, how long it’s going to take, etc. But have you ever thought about the when? In other words, is there any time that’s better than another when it comes to getting your car washed? The answer is a resounding “yes”… but it’s not the same for everybody. Here are some things to think about when you’re deciding when to get your car washed:

What’s the forecast?
You may have heard that you should never wash your car on a sunny day, but that only applies to home washes. Excessive heat can cause soapy water to dry before you have a chance to get it off, running the risks of spots. That’s not a concern when you use a professional car wash, so sunny days are perfectly fine. But the same isn’t true for rain.

Unless you live in a heavily polluted area, it’s not the rain itself that will ruin your fresh wash; it’s the water that splashes up from the road surface. Think about it – all the dirt and grime from thousands of cars has been building up ever since the last rain, and, as soon as that road gets wet, it starts splashing up on your car. Most car washes offer a rain guarantee – a free rewash if it rains within a certain time span – but you still have to take the time to do the whole thing again. So it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast first.

Where will my car be?
Some places contribute more dirt than others. If you’ll be taxiing kids back and forth to ball games all weekend and parking on or near dirt, gravel, and grass, you might want to wait until Monday. That way you can enjoy your clean car for a week before the next round of games starts.

What’s my schedule?
There’s one truth about modern life that we all share: being so busy that we try to wedge to-do list items in anywhere we can. A professional car wash isn’t one of those things. It doesn’t take that long, but you can’t rush the process, either. If your car is still in the tunnel when it is time for you to leave to pick your kids up, there’s only so much you can do. And if you leave while your car is still wet, you’ll have spots and swirls. Therefore, before you Google “car wash near me” check out all of our locations and find the closest near you. At Mr. Clean Car Wash we pride ourself on fast service and we can make sure your car is ready to go when it is time to pick up your kids.

What’s the occasion?
There’s just one thing that can cancel out all of the other considerations: a special occasion. Whether it’s a first date, a job interview, or lunch with a big client, a special occasion trumps everything. Even if it’s going to rain tomorrow and you’ll be parking on a muddy field the day after that, when you need a clean car – well, you need a clean car. Appearances count, and right before a special occasion is always a great time for a professional car wash.

The point is that planning ahead and thinking about how a car wash fits your personal schedule can help you save both time and money. Mr. Clean Car Wash is ready when you are. Stop by today for $5 off our Signature Shine Full Service Car Wash or any single detailing service.

Maintenance After a Car is Cleaned

Monday, May 30th, 2016

It may be surprising, but a clean car is just as important to maintenance as an oil change. Keeping a vehicle well maintained not only helps keep up the value of the vehicle, but protect it from outside elements. Here are some ways to keep the clean after the wash.

The ideal way to protect a car from getting dirty faster after a wash is by parking in a garage. A garage provides safety from the elements, tree branches and dirt that may get swept up in the wind, as well as UV rays. A carport is also a good option because of the overall shelter it provides. Shelter from the elements is the primary way to ensure a cleaner vehicle, but this may not always an option.

A car cover may also be an option if a garage or carport. Car covers help to protect from elements like UV rays, and act as a barrier between the elements and the vehicle. However, a car is only as clean as the car cover. If the cover is not kept in a place that is clean and void of elements, it can transfer dirt and grime to the car it is covering. Car covers can also attract moisture underneath, which can cause a problem, especially if mixed with dirt. Also, when a car cover is consistently removed from the vehicle it can often scratch the car in the process.

No matter what the protection options are, getting regular car washes will help keep a vehicle clean and relatively free of dirt that can scratch, or damage, the car body. Don’t limit the clean to once or twice a month, sign up for unlimited car washes with Mr. Clean Car Wash to ensure a well-maintained vehicle every time. Right now, save $5 off your next visit when you purchase a Signature Shine Full Service Wash.

10 Benefits of Parking a Car in a Garage

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Parking a car in the garage seems to be a thing of the past. Garages are used for a lot of other things like storing junk or home workshops, but parking in the garage is one of the best things for a vehicle. Here are 10 reasons an owner should clear out space and park in the garage:

1. Safe from the elements- rain, snow, wind

This is probably one of the most obvious, but rain, snow, wind and other weather elements are enemies of a car’s exterior. They can leave dirt and acid on a vehicle that can cause significant damages to the exterior, like rust and a weakened top clear coat.

2. Protects from dings and scratches from elements or other vehicles

Hail and falling tree branches are just a couple examples of ways a car can get damaged from simply being outside. Dents, scratches, and broken windows are all possible exterior problems that can occur when a vehicle is left outdoors.

3. Keeps vehicle from the sun and temperature extremes

UV rays from the sun can damage a vehicle in ways most car owners don’t consider. Extreme hot and extreme cold can both lead to deterioration of the inside and outside. Read more about UV damage here.

4. Keeps those riding in the vehicle safe from elements

When a vehicle is parked in a garage those riding in the car do not have to be exposed to any elements. It keeps everyone safe from hail, temperature extremes, and other outdoor conditions when getting in or out of the vehicle.

5. Less likely to have theft or vandalism

Cars are a huge investment, and for most they are one of the most valuable things they own. Parking outside leaves a vehicle exposed to vandalism and theft. A garage helps eliminate the temptation for those that want to harm a vehicle in any way.

6. Lower insurance costs

That’s right, some insurance companies offer lower policies for people who store their vehicle in a garage. Saving money is always an advantage.

7. Keeps vehicles exterior looking great

Believe it or not, mechanics can tell if a car is stored in a garage or outside. Vehicle exteriors are kept in much better condition when stored in a garage which can lead to greater resale values.

8. Engine stays lubricated

Because a garage keeps a vehicle warm, the fluid and oil are kept in a stable condition which leads to an engine that runs better than one that is kept outside.

9. Coolant stays warmer, heat/AC comes on faster

Also, with a warmer car comes faster AC and heat. On cold days, the heat will warm up faster than being out in the elements. Same is true for extremely hot days.

10. Visibility is ready to go

Forget the ice scraper or dewy windshield. Parking in a garage helps keep windows clear of weather and condensation so there is no need to ride with one head out the window.

If for some reason parking in a garage is not an option, detailing is extremely important to protect a vehicle from the elements. Make sure the car is getting washed and waxed regularly by certified professionals. One way to ensure a regular clean is with unlimited monthly washes from Mr. Clean Car Wash to wash as often as once a day for a low monthly fee.

To get any vehicle, parked in a garage or not, ready for any weather conditions visit the nearest Mr. Clean Car Wash for a Signature Shine wash or one of their express detail services.

Dirt Can Hurt More than a Clean Car

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

People Notice a Clean Car and Dirt

Everyone notices a clean car—and everyone notices a dirty one. Those cars that have “wash me” written on the side or back window always catch a driver or rider’s attention. No one wants to be the driver with the common saying in obvious neglect. However, what seems like a childish lark, can actually be harmful to those inside the vehicle and the car’s body on the outside.

Dirt is Tricky Inside and out

Dirt has many negative effects on paint. Not only does it make the car look old, but writing in dirt on the vehicle can cause scratches and other permanent damage. Also, dirt that mixes with rain can create an acidic compound that can weaken metal, and show noticeable damage on the surface. Keeping the outside of the vehicle clean can also help with the resale value if a car owner plans to sell the vehicle later.

However just because the outside is clean doesn’t mean that the harm to the vehicle (or its passengers) is gone. Dirt is a carrier of bacteria, meaning that there can be a silent danger right in the middle of a common necessity that people use every day. Car owners trust their vehicles with their families, and even the safest drivers cannot protect those they love from the diseases found in the dirt in their car.

Dirt Impacts More than Appearance

Some soil-related diseases include wound infections, gastroenteritis, and specific respiratory syndromes, according to Dennis J. Baumgardner, MD on Many of these health related symptoms are acquired simply by ingesting dust, or dirt, containing the bacteria. When dirt settles in a vehicle, the likelihood of someone ingesting some harmful bacteria increases significantly.

Also, dirt inside the vehicle can affect the way that a driver feels in the long run. mentions that when the inside of a car is clean the driver and passengers feel better about themselves and the time they spend in the vehicle. Taking the extra step to get a vehicle detailed could be the thing that changes a bad mood into a great one.

Don’t let dirt impact the mood or the health of a car’s passengers. Let the trained technicians at Mr. Clean Car Wash remove the dirt from the inside and the outside with a full service Signature Shine. Right now customers can get $5 off any single detail service as well.

Clean Car Wash Towels Are the Secrets to Success

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Clean car wash towels can be what makes or breaks a car wash. Dirt and grime from one part of the car can easily be transferred to another area, causing scratches or unsightly smudges. Smudges can be fixed, but the scratches may be permanent.

The best solution to this issue is to use clean towels. Every time. Car owners should have one stack of towels for interior use and another stack for exterior use. They should always remember to keep them separated. A color-coded system may be the most effective way to avoid costly mistakes.

Interior towels can pick up sand particles, crumbs, liquid spills, and sandy slush. Depending on the geographic location, and time of year, these towels can also expose salty residues from the roads. Exterior towels often pick up sand and salt, but also reveal air pollutants, as well as bird and insect droppings. In addition, exterior towels come in contact with waxes and sealants. These products, while desired for the paint job, can transfer unwanted smudges or shine to the interior of the car, making it difficult to remove later. Proper attention is essential.

The act of washing and drying towels is no different. It may be easier to dump all the towels into one machine, load the soap, and press start. In reality, this may transfer residues from one type of cloth to another. Laundry detergent can only do so much. The rest depends on the care taken to separate exterior towels from interior towels, and indeed materials such as terrycloth from microfiber, too.

Terrycloth usually creates lint when washed and dried. This lint will stick to microfiber material and create uneven surfaces. High heat is also detrimental to microfiber. The fibers will melt, stick to one another, and block proper absorption.

Suffice it to say, cars travel through some messy situations, and they can pick up grime quickly. They can also transport germs and bacteria, especially when in urban areas. Using a clean towel for your car makes sense—just like using a clean towel for yourself after you shower makes sense. Scratches, grime, and missed residues are much less likely to detract from shine if clean car wash towels are separated by their intended type of application. Matte finishes on cars are also making waves. These finishes are different from the clear top coat on most cars, and they can be damaged very easily. Microfiber towels are the safest cloth to use.

Proper care and attention will ensure a clean car without the damage. Mr. Clean Car Wash’s car washes get the clean you need without the hassle. Visit the nearest location today, and don’t forget your coupons!

Image Source: Flickr

It’s Your Car, Protect It With: Unlimited Car Washes

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

How often should a car owner wash their car? Every week? Every month? Once a year? What if they had unlimited car washes?

Everyone loves a shiny new car—and the sleek look and feel of the paint on a car that’s come straight off the lot. Car washes can give a car buyer a rush—and may just be the easiest solution to “let your love shine.”

How to Get Unlimited Car Washes

Mr. Clean Car Wash knows how important it is to keep a car’s exterior in premium shape. Cleaning helps extend the life of the vehicle’s paint. The professional quality helps to protect the car from scratches that happen during ordinary car washes. Water pressure is a huge factor when it comes to protecting a car’s finish. If dirt and other particles are not properly removed—major issues can occur. This is why scrubbing a vehicle down at home can be dangerous.

So how can a car owner ensure a superior car wash every single time? That’s easy—with unlimited car washes . Driving a clean car has never been easier, or more affordable. Unlimited car washes give car owners the peace of mind they need—as they’re able to get a car wash whenever the car owner wants. In addition, car washes help to further protect the vehicle and keep the value intact.

How Cleaning Impacts the Future

Most car owners would be happy with some extra cash (especially when it comes time for a new car). What if a simple clean was the key? Keeping a car clean with regular professional car washes will not only help to keep it looking good, but can also help give the car a higher resale value. If getting a car wash can add even a little extra to the resale value, why not do it? Protecting a car’s exterior extends past the current life of the vehicle and into the future.