Detailing: A Car Wash on Hyperdrive

Detailing: A Car Wash on Hyperdrive

If a washing a car is like cleaning the kitchen after dinner, detailing car is like hiring someone to whip the entire house into tip-top shape. Car Detailing expands the definition of "clean" to mean "immaculate" and "polished." Professional detailers offer the following services:

  • Waxing exterior painted surfaces
  • Shampooing the carpets and mats
  • Cleaning and conditioning the seats
  • Cleaning and conditioning interior hard surfaces

And that's just basic car details. The upgrade options are practically unlimited. In fact, almost every car surface can benefit from the TLC delivered with a professional detailing:

  • Enhanced waxing and conditioning options, like polishing to remove old wax buildup before adding a new coat of synthetic wax
  • Clay bar treatment, during which a clay bar is used like an eraser to remove oxidation, contaminants, tar, and scuffs before waxing painted surfaces
  • Restoring headlights

Though, traditional car detailing can take several hours—the professionals at Mr. Clean Car Wash understand that being without a car for that long isn't always feasible. That's why Mr. Clean Car Wash express detailing services take about 30 minutes each to complete. Customers can choose as many as they have time for, in any combination. It's a great way to maintain and enhance the condition and appearance of your vehicle without a huge time commitment.

In addition, Mr. Clean Car Wash customers can take advantage of a coupon for $5 off of any detailing service. Visit Mr. Clean Car Wash for a car detailing near you today.

Photo courtesy of flickr via Shane Gorksi, 2008