Interior Detailing: Utilizing The Benefits Of Using Mothers Brand Products

Interior Detailing: Utilizing The Benefits Of Using Mothers Brand Products

When it comes to getting the shine and sheen on your car's exterior, applying only the best products is important. The same holds true for the inside as well. Here at Mr. Clean Car Wash, we use Mothers interior detailing products to create a long-lasting glowing shine both inside and out of your car that is hard to replicate anywhere else. If you're looking to really achieve that interior glow within your vehicle, let us help you. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us:

Showroom Ready
If you're trying to get your classic car ready for a big car show, you know that details are important. The pros here at Mr. Clean Car Wash are professional detailers who do just that—go over every tiny detail of your car. Here are some areas they will focus on:

  • The dashboard and rejuvenating dull plastic or wooden panels
  • Seats and door panels
  • The dirty spaces between vents and around the window trim
  • Door and trunk jambs
  • Windows and water stains
  • Carpet

The Mothers Vinyl Protectant helps restore dull oxidized plastic and vinyl surfaces in a matter of seconds. Using Mothers brand custom detail cleaning supplies and finishes will help make your car look like it was just driven off of the showroom lot.

Eliminate Dull Or Oxidized Surfaces
Over time, vinyl and leather can fade due to sunlight and other harsh contaminants. A leather cleaner can help lift stubborn grime and dirt that is hidden within the surface. Following up with leather conditioner helps restore the shine and luster that will make the seats and other areas look brand new. The combo vinyl, leather and rubber restorer helps to condition and protect seats and surfaces in between professional interior details.

Take Out Stubborn Stains
Sometimes new vehicles can quickly grasp stubborn stains due to pet traffic and common everyday spills. When you get a professional interior detailing service from Mr. Clean Car Wash, the pros tackle stains head on using carpet and upholstery cleaners.

Clear Up Odors
If your car has gotten wet on the inside, or some food spills have gone unnoticed, the smells it leaves behind can be hard to eliminate. Clear up stubborn odors with a Mr. Clean Car Wash interior detailing. We tackle smells by extracting dirt and grime and then applying an odor eliminator to help target bothersome scents and get rid of them from good. Air fresheners are a temporary fix to mask odors, not eliminate them like an odor eliminator would.

Visit Mr. Clean Car Wash today for a complete interior detail and car wash combo to fix all of your car care needs.