Prepare Your Car for a Move

Prepare Your Car for a Move

Just as you take extra care packing up your personal belongings for a move to a new location, you want to do the same for your car. If you’ll be shipping your vehicle, it’s likely to arrive in good condition when you pay attention to the following important details as you prepare your car for a move.

Tip #1: Take Your Car in for Service
Even though you won’t be driving the car to the new location, it’s a good idea to take your vehicle in for service prior. Your auto technician can ensure that everything is in good shape and perform routine maintenance, such as an oil change and tire check and rotation. It’s especially important that the tires are properly inflated, because this will reduce the risk of damage to the tires during transport.

A written report on the current state of your car is also good to have for insurance purposes, in the event that there is damage to your vehicle during transport.

Tip #2: Have the Alarm Disabled
If your vehicle has a particularly sensitive alarm system that reacts when the car is moved, it’s advisable to have it disabled prior to transport. This will avoid your car alarm going off during moving, saving your battery and the sanity of whoever is transporting the vehicle.

Tip #3: Get Your Car Washed
As you prepare your car for a move, it’s a good idea to have it cleaned prior to transport. That way you’ll be able to note if there are any scratches or dings before your vehicle heads out. When your auto arrives at its destination, you’ll also be better able to check that it is still in good shape.

Tip #4: De-Clutter Your Car’s Interior
It’s possible that your car will experience shifting when in transport, so you want to avoid loose items in the interior that could fall and damage your car. Clear out or secure contents such as spare change, emergency kits, water bottles, gum, makeup, air fresheners and electronic equipment like chargers and cables. While you’re at it, have the car’s interior detailed so that it’s clean and tidy upon arrival.

Tip #5 : Drive off Most of the Gas
Since your car won’t be driven, it’s not necessary or advisable to have a full tank of gas. The more gas in the engine, the heavier your car will be, which may affect the transport cost. Leave just enough gas in the car to ensure that it can be driven at the loading and unloading locations.

Tip #6: Lock Your Car Up Tight
There should be no reason for the movers to get into your car once it’s loaded on the ship or truck, so lock your vehicle before you leave. Although it’s best not to store anything valuable inside, this will reduce the risk of theft and help to keep the car’s interior clean.

Tip #7: Remove Accessories
Take off and otherwise transport car accessories such as trailer hitches and bike racks. There is a good chance that if allowed to remain intact, such accessories may cause damage to your vehicle or surrounding cars or property.

At Mr. Clean Car Wash, we wish you and your auto safe travels. As you prepare your car for a move, if you have any questions about the best interior and exterior detailing for your vehicle, give us a call or stop in today.