Preparing Your Car For The Winter Holidays

Preparing Your Car For The Winter Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, your to-do list is likely a mile long! With last minute shopping and rushing around to get your home ready for guests, your car may be the last thing that crosses your mind. You depend on your car for many things, so that’s why it’s so important to make sure that it’s prepped and ready to go before you embark on holiday travel plans. Here are just a few ways to get ready when preparing your car when it comes to traveling for the holidays.

Shine Up With An Interior And Exterior Wash
A lot of people neglect their vehicles in the winter, especially just before the holidays, because they’re too busy or feel like they can’t work anything extra into their holiday budget. When it comes to preparing your car for winter driving, Mr. Clean Car Wash offers affordable wash services year-round. And just before the upcoming winter holidays is the best time to visit us for a full interior and exterior clean. On the inside we hand wipe your console and dash, as well as vacuum and clean your windows until they’re streak free. The result is an odor-free interior that you’ll enjoy taking your family shopping in. We don’t leave anything untouched on the outside. We wash and hand dry your vehicle, and leave your tires and wheels looking great. Not only should you visit us before you make holiday travel plans, don’t forget to stick a Mr. Clean Car Wash gift card in your favorite car lover’s stocking this season.

Keep Car Engine Temps Down When On The Road
With changing temperatures here in the south, you can have a warm day where you run your air conditioner and the next morning, you’ll need your defrost and heat on to help warm your vehicle up. Over time, your vehicle’s heating system could be compromised because of the fluctuations in temps. Having a periodic antifreeze exchange, especially just before you’ll be making a long holiday road trip is vital. Visit Mr. Clean Car Wash to have our pros inspect your cooling system and perform an antifreeze flush.

Don’t Grind Your Gears As You Travel
Making sure that the fluids on your vehicle are filled properly is very important for holiday travel. Your transmission is one example. Driving through hilly terrain or on slick roadways means that your car’s transmission is working at its max capacity. Our technicians will examine your car’s transmission and top off fluids if low. A transmission flush service will make sure that your vehicle’s transmission fliuid is clean to protect the internal components of your transmission, whether it is an automatic or manual transmission.

Here at Mr. Clean Car Wash we are multi-faceted. We offer a variety of car cleaning services and engine maintenance packages to suit your needs. Give us a call today so we can help eliminate one more stress for you this holiday season.