Vehicle Maintenance:

Vehicle Maintenance: "New-to-You" Car Edition

The used car market is booming. In 2014, sales of certified pre-owned cars topped all previous records. There are a lot of reasons for that—not the least of which is Millennials' entering the job market's need for transportation. The best-known reason for buying a used car is depreciation. The value of a new car drops by about 20% as soon as it's driven off the lot. It drops another 10% during the first year. Buying pre-owned vehicles, especially newer vehicles turned in from leases, is a great way to avoid taking that hit. It's also a smart way to get a better car for an affordable price.

Buying a "new" car is always exciting, whether it's a one-year-old BMW or a 10-year-old Honda. Here are vehicle maintenance tricks new owners can employ to keep their purchases in like-new condition:

Oil Change

Unless the previous owner provided service records, it's a good idea to get the oil changed. Some owners delay vehicle maintenance if they know they're about to sell their car. Others put it off because they can't find the time, unaware of the damage they're causing. Starting out fresh with an oil change is the best way to avoid driving around with low or dirty oil. Mr. Clean Car Wash offers five different levels of oil changes to meet any vehicle need.

Routine Vehicle Maintenance

Oil changes aren't the only kind of maintenance that should be performed at regular intervals. Air and fuel filters have to be changed, wipers and belts have to be replaced, transmission, power steering and differential fluids need replacing, etc. Without documentation of recent services, starting off with routine recommended services is a smart way to extend the life of the vehicle.

Interior Cleaning

Some people put the interior of their cars through a lot of abuse: muddy dogs, sticky hands, spilled drinks, smoke, etc. Even if the car looks clean, there could be dirt and allergens deep in the carpet or upholstery, caked into the rims of cup holders, or hidden in other nooks and crannies. A professional interior detailing is the best way to remove all remnants of a car's previous life.

Exterior cleaning

While routine vehicle maintenance is what keeps a car running, the exterior is the first thing people see. A professional wash that includes cleaning the vehicle interior and applying a tire shine will improve the appearance of any vehicle, but a thorough detailing can enhance a used cars appearance.

A previously-owned car can be a smart investment, especially if you take good care of it. Mr. Clean Car Wash can help you with all aspects of vehicle maintenance and upkeep. Visit us today to learn more.

image: flickr via JD Hancock, 2009