Benefits Of Using Pennzoil Oil In Your Car

Benefits Of Using Pennzoil Oil In Your Car

A shiny car exterior may be your number one priority with your car care. A flawless body on the outside is great, but making sure that everything is in working order under the hood is vitally important. This starts with routine car maintenance that the pros at Mr. Clean Car Wash and Pennzoil oil can provide. The blood that runs through the veins of your vehicle is the motor oil. We use only the best, with Pennzoil brand oil being the only product we use. Here are some benefits of using Pennzoil and having routine maintenance done on your car to keep it in tip-top shape year round.

Achieve Better Gas Mileage
Be sure to stop by a Mr. Clean Car Wash before you venture out on your next road trip. The specialists at Mr. Clean Car Wash will help you choose an oil change package that will reduce engine sludge and protect your motor while you put extra miles or strain on it. Fuel economy is improved when an engine's mechanical parts operate more efficiently. Pennzoil synthetic motor oil keeps pistons cleaner than other oils, so your vehicle runs at top performance through a variety of weather and terrain. Pennzoil synthetic oil is created from pure natural gas and then converted into a synthetic base auto oil. It is better for the environment while helping you save money on your vacation by filling up your tank less often.

See Your Vehicle Through Temperature Changes
When warmer temperatures skyrocket, a lot more stress is placed under your car's engine. This can affect performance. Pennzoil uses PurePlus technology in their synthetic and ultra synthetic motor oil to help protect your engine as it heats up perform under extreme temperatures . This reduces sludge and clogging — which are both factors for early engine failure. Make an appointment today to have the right oil change maintenance package applied to your vehicle.

Improve Engine Power
As your vehicle ages, the power of the motor can tend to wind down as well. Vehicle wear and tear and not getting frequent Pennzoil oil changes can slow your speeds and make your car run sluggish. Pennzoil offers a full range of motor oils that help your engine to run more smoothly and brings back the feeling of power that you first had when taking your car out on the open road.

Increase The Life Of Your Engine
The more miles and years on an engine, the closer it is to its demise. Help preserve and save your vehicle's engine with an ultra synthetic oil change from Mr. Clean Car Wash. Pennzoil pure synthetic will relieve the burden of damage caused from driving in extreme heat or cold. Using hyper cleansing technology, it will actually clean your engine's pistons and create a lightweight flow of oil that constantly runs through and nourishes the components of your engine.

Feel Protected
Feel confident that your engine will last longer with regular Pennzoil oil changes. Only Pennzoil offers a 500,000 mile/15 year engine warranty with regular Pennzoil Ultra Synthetic Oil Changes.

Stop by a Mr. Clean Car Wash today to reap the benefits of Pennzoil brand oils for your vehicle.