Demystifying Car Maintenance Terms

Demystifying Car Maintenance Terms

Between shuttling the kids to school on the way to the office to completing errands on the way home, people’s days are often packed, and more than a little chaotic. Drivers begin to think about an oil change as the miles accumulate, and eventually they swing by the auto shop and check that item off the list.

Proper car maintenance is more than just an oil change every few thousand miles and a car wash, though. To keep the car functioning, drivers need to have regular maintenance service. Think of it like a checkup. The car does the heavy lifting and shuttles people around a lot, and it experiences quite a bit of daily wear. It won’t be in optimal shape if its components are grimy and its systems are clogged. Here are some important terms and their services that will help vehicles take people where they need to be:

Throttle Plate Cleaning
The throttle plate, a small swiveling component of the engine, controls the flow of air and fuel vapor that passes through the engine’s cylinders when the accelerator is pressed. It can be susceptible to grime buildup, which will affect the engine’s operability and peak performance. A grimy plate will lead to a sluggish uptake, which is the last thing people want when they’re late for the office or an appointment. Throttle plate cleaning is available in the 30, 60 and 90K Services, as well as the Fuel System Package.

Transfer Case Service
Transfer case refers to the specialized box next to the transmission that controls power sent to the front and rear axles, and when engaging or disengaging the 4WD. The transfer case houses gears or chains, and it is found in all-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles, which make up the majority of new vehicles today. The transfer case relies on lubricated components, and the fluid can become dirty and contaminated easily. What might happen? Drivers might notice harsh resistance when shifting, or they might experience fluid leaks. Costlier repairs could even affect the transmission itself. Transfer case service is handled in the 4WD Transmission Package.

Fuel Injection Cleaning
Fuel injectors are responsible for pressurizing the engine’s incoming fuel, turning it into a mist that will burn more easily. As with other parts of the engine that rely on fluid, sludge can build up along crevices and block the injector’s nozzle, leading to reduced flow and choppy engine start up. Newer models are designed better, and they don’t build up sludge as quickly. However, no engine is ever immune, and it will benefit from the service provided in the Fuel System Package.

Rear Differential Service
The rear differential is similar to the transfer case, in that it controls the speeds of the wheels via the transmission, but this time the control is restricted to the rear axle. The gears it contains require fluid, and they can be damaged if the fluid is too low or is dirty. The 4WD Transmission Package, as well as the 30, 60 and 90K Service, can replace the fluid to keep any car content.

The breather is the duct reserved for engine air flow, and it’s connected to the engine crankcase and contains filters and baffles to block vapors and fumes. Now, why is a clean breather important? Without proper air flow, the engine can build up engine sludge rapidly, leading to potential malfunctions like leaking oil, faulty components and costly repairs. Drivers can help prevent these repairs when they get the 30, 60 and 90K Service, which includes inspecting the breather.

When was the last time you had your car serviced? Mr. Clean Car Wash can help keep your car in great condition, inside and out, with our car maintenance packages and car wash services. Swing by for friendly service today.

Image Source: Flickr