Great Oil Change - Top 3 Things to Look For

Great Oil Change - Top 3 Things to Look For

The family SUV gets a lot of wear and tear hauling kids and running errands. That vintage car in the garage has been through a lot of loving restoration and needs some TLC. Your commuter scooter needs to stay in top shape for as long as possible during your working years. The thing all three of these beauties have in common is a need for a regular batch of fresh oil.

Just about everyone reading this knows the value of an oil change and hopefully, if you care at all about the long life of your vehicle, you are getting your oil changed out often enough to better your gas mileage, remove the old grime and gunk from your car's engine and protecting that same engine from the normal wear and tear that heat and constant motion bring from everyday use.

So, you need a place you can trust. But, with oil change places on every corner, who should you designate as your go to guy?

Consider 3 main points for determining your oil changer number one service provider:

  • Cleanliness is the tell all. If the environment of the facility is run down and dirty, we think your best bet is to move on. At Mr. Clean Car Wash, we strive to provide the same quality of service in every aspect of our business. Keeping our facilities clean is just part of being a part of the Mr. Clean Brand.
  • Cheap may not be all that cheap. Sure, there is no reason to over pay now-a-days. You can figure out pricing for just about anything with a few clicks. But, don't be fooled by a $9.99 oil change. When you bite on the loss leader, watch out for two possible pit falls: First, they may just want to get under your hood. Cracking that hood means they may want to take that $9.99 and turn it into to a possibly unneeded repair to cover the loss on the oil change. If you are paying a low ball price for the oil service, look out for inflated prices elsewhere. At Mr. Clean Car Wash, we review the services with you before we start and work and we utilize the recommendations provided for your vehicle by your manufacturer. You can rest assured that our recommendations are based on the same facts as your dealer's service department.
  • Finally, they may be using off-brand oil for the low ball deal. At Mr. Clean Car Wash we utilize the highest quality Pennzoil Products for our Oil Change Services. In addition to our high quality products and trained technicians, we also provide a Full Service Car Wash as part of our Process. Pay the right price and get a better job.