How Routine Maintenance Improves Vehicle Longevity

How Routine Maintenance Improves Vehicle Longevity

Your vehicle is an investment that you entrust will last for years to come. If you live a busy lifestyle, it can be easy to pass up important milestones that your car needs to effectively stay on the road. It’s imperative to not wait until engine breakdown occurs to get your car fixed. Practicing good routine maintenance now will help improve the overall longevity of your vehicle. Here are just a few things that you can do right away to help prevent future car issues.

Keeping Things Cool

In many cases, it may be too late for your engine when it starts to overheat or begins leaking coolant on a hot summer day. Now is the time to have your coolant system serviced by the pros. Frequent fluid top-ups will help keep your engine cool and reduce stress on your car’s heater and air conditioner. A belt check along with replacing coolant fluids will help improve the life of the vehicle’s engine and will give you a heads-up should there be an underlying problem with the vehicle’s radiator or thermostat.

Steering In The Right Direction

Spring and summer are the best times of the year to hit the open road. While tire suspension and care are the main priority, don’t forget to schedule an appointment for an auto transmission servicing and a front and rear differential inspection. A quality car care specialist can thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s motor and suspension. A good service should provide:

  • A complete tire inspection including rotation and balancing
  • Replacement of a dirty air and fuel filter
  • Power steering fluid exchange
  • Inspection of the transfer case
  • Differential and transaxle servicing
  • A transmission fluid exchange

Routine oil changes are also very important to your car’s engine. Setting scheduled oil changes and a complete vehicle maintenance checkup will prevent major problems from occurring in the future.

Clear The Air

Over time, the air filters under the hood can lead to weak performance of your vehicle. Having these replaced frequently will help ensure that your car is running top-notch at all times. In addition, making sure that the cabin filters inside your car are clean can help reduce odors and keep allergen-causing pollen at bay.

Frequent Washes And Detailing

Proper maintenance under the hood is essential to keep your car safe on the road and avoid breakdown, but you should also keep it clean as well. Not washing your vehicle routinely can lead to paint oxidation and rust growth. Once rust settles in, it will need professional sandblasting to restore its quality. Prevent these issues from leading to widespread damage by having your car washed, detailed at a Mr. Clean Car Wash location. An underbody rust inhibitor and Mr. Clean surface protectant are small steps you can take to caring for the body of your vehicle and reducing rust under the hood. Scheduling a professional interior detailing will help keep your car’s interior clean and reduce wear and tear during the travel months.

Schedule an appointment today at your nearest Mr. Clean Car Wash location to have your car pampered and cared from top to bottom!