WSB's Mark Arum & His Jeep Cherokee

WSB's Mark Arum & His Jeep Cherokee

Of all the cars I've ever owned - from sports cars, to trucks to SUV's— my favorite is my 1998 Jeep Cherokee. I still own it and will probably always own it. It is a beast. It has a five-speed manual transmission and it has seen and driven through it all. Ice storms, snow storms, floods: This fiend of a car has tamed them all.

My 1998 Jeep Cherokee has taken me on long trips up mountains and over sandy beaches. It has never let me down. That being said, it has certainly seen better days. There is a huge dent on the back left fender (don't ask). There are various nicks and dings all along the body. The interior is disintegrating. There are holes on the cloth seats, the steering wheel padding is long gone and the interior lining of the roof is shedding like big furry dog. Yes, it is actually shedding. The radio works, though— when it wants to.

The good news? It runs great. I never have to worry when I crank my baby up and head out on the roads. Despite my car's haggard appearance, I still try to treat her well. My baby deserves to be pampered with frequent oil changes, tune-ups and of course, Mr. Clean Car Wash's Signature Shine Car Washes.

However, a couple of weeks ago when I brought my car in for her wash it occurred to me: Despite my car's age and appearance, I still ask for the "new car" air freshener. Forget the fact the Bill Clinton was President when my beast was a new car—I always insist on "new car". Why do I do that? Who am I fooling? No one on the planet would think for one second that my '98 Cherokee is a new car. I even laughed out loud when I realized I was asking for "new car" scent for my now 18-year-old automobile.

I've asked some of my male friends what scents they get when they get their cars cleaned. A lot choose "leather" or "neutral". Some prefer "strawberry", "cherry" or "vanilla". Not me though. I know a floral or fruity aroma wouldn't fit my well-weathered SUV. I guess of all of the scents, "neutral" or "leather" are the closest to my preference (even though there is not one stitch of leather in my Jeep since the steering wheel cover disappeared years ago.).

Though I find what these dudes like to have their car smell like very interesting- I'm still going to get "new car" for my baby. Why? Though my car might not look like a new car, she sure deserves to smell like a new car given all we've been through. After all, she is my favorite—and I want nothing but the best for my beast.