How To Have A Better-Looking, Longer-Lasting Leather Interior

How To Have A Better-Looking, Longer-Lasting Leather Interior

You love your car’s leather interior. Odds are you even paid a little extra to have leather instead of cloth or vinyl. The thing is, leather isn’t a buy-it-and-forget-it deal. Your leather car seats are a lot like your own skin. They react to cold, heat, humidity and dryness.

In the same way you condition your skin differently in changing seasons, you need to take care of your car’s leather interior on a seasonal basis. And no matter the season, you want to be sure of the basics:

  • Clean the seats before you cleanse. That means vacuuming up dirt and loose debris from the seats so you don’t scratch or tear the leather in the next steps.
  • Remove deep-down dirt and stains. Then go for an all-over clean.
  • Condition. Just like with your skin after washing, this can slow down the natural processes that make your leather look dry and tired.

And, just as you wouldn’t use just any products on your skin, you want the best for your car’s leather interior–products that will clean, cleanse and condition.

What’s that? You love your car’s leather interior, but you’re a busy bee and can’t imagine where you’ll get the time to give your investment the care it needs, especially several times a year? Well, the good news is that caring for your car’s leather interior doesn’t have to be a do-it-yourself project. The professionals at Mr. Clean Car Wash not only have the tools, products and experience, but they’re able to do it in less time, getting you back on the road to your family, work and life in a beautiful-looking, soft-feeling, great-smelling leather interior year-round.

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