Summer Car Maintenance: Creating A Specific Program Tailored To Your Car's Travel Needs

Summer Car Maintenance: Creating A Specific Program Tailored To Your Car's Travel Needs

No two drivers use and care for their vehicles the exact same way. That is why car care is different with every driver and their vehicle. Because of this, your car needs maintenance tailored to its specific wear and tear. When you call up the pros at Mr. Clean Car Wash, be specific about your summer driving habits and any upcoming road trips that you may have planned. This will help individualize your car care service experience so you get the most value for your dollar. Here are a few packages that you’ll want to ask about.

Tire Care When Traveling

If you think you’re ready for the road just because you bought a new set of tires, you’re wrong. A specialist at Mr. Clean Car Wash, will make sure your tires are filled properly and safely ready to move down the road. This reduces your risk of tire blow out and ensures that your tires will last well beyond a long, summer road trip.

Transmission Servicing

Planning on pulling an RV along with a lot of travel equipment? Suddenly placing a lot of weight behind your truck, can place stress on wheel axles and the rear differentials. Not only that, your truck’s transmission will face additional stress. You can avoid your transmission slipping or failing while you are far away from home by having your transmission serviced. The car care team will hone in on your truck’s transmission and service accordingly by performing a 4WD Transmission servicing. This includes:

  • A transfer case servicing
  • Front and Rear differential service
  • Auto transmission service and fluid top up

Fuel System Specifics

If you plan on traveling during the hot months of summer, you’ll need to take special care of your vehicle’s fuel system. Protect vital engine parts with a full-service fuel system inspection. Cleaning out the fuel system and adding fuel additives will help your car get better fuel mileage and improve overall performance.Services available at Mr. Clean Car Wash and Oil Change Plus are:

  • Fuel Filter Replacement
  • Fuel Injection Cleaning
  • Throttle Plate Cleaning

Total Engine System Package

Using your vehicle daily in the city with stop and go traffic, can affect brakes and also the temperature control components of your vehicle. Having a total engine system package will help target major areas of possible concern. Mr. Clean’s technicians can do a radiator flush and an oil system cleaner to help keep your car’s engine cool during a hot July road trip.

Call today and talk to a Mr. Clean Car Wash technician about existing and expected wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine. Prevention will help reduce your risk for a breakdown as you drive to your summer vacation destination.