It's Your Car, Protect It With: Car Detail, Oil Changes & Car Washes

It's Your Car, Protect It With: Car Detail, Oil Changes & Car Washes

A new car is a big investment. It's a purchase that most car owners spend 5-7 years paying for—so why not take care of it? Even the vehicle is older than most—a car detail, oil change and car wash are just a few things that can be done to keep the car looking and running like it did on day one. One of the first things most do when they buy a car is get car insurance. Why? They want to protect their investment. However, it takes more than insurance to keep a car protected—it also takes maintenance.

The Car's Exterior

A vehicle's initial "wow" factor is its exterior: the paint job, the specific rims and trim selected according to the owner's individual taste, as well as the overall shine of the body. Sometimes it seems impossible to keep a vehicle in "straight off the lot condition," but in reality it is not as difficult as it would appear.

Keeping Cars in Shape To whip a car into shape, make sure the car receives regular full service car washes from the professionals at Mr. Clean Car Wash. A professional car wash not only protects the paint on the vehicle from looking dull, but also reduces scratches from at-home car washes. Also, full service car washes can include a car detail. Car detailing can drastically improve the upholstery of any vehicle, which keeps it looking, and smelling, like new. Next, getting regular oil changes every 3,000 keeps a car's engine in tune.

Many people think regular oil changes can be a huge cost, but they also help catch any other issues before they become a problem—saving the car owner money in the long run. An owner can also protect the engine and transmission from the extreme weather changes with Mr. Clean Car Wash's radiator or transmission service. Protecting a vehicle inside and out becomes most crucial when it comes time to trade in or sell the vehicle. A well maintained car can get a higher resell value and a higher Kelly Blue Book score. Whether a car needs an oil change, detailing, a full service car wash or all of the above, Mr. Clean Car Wash is dedicated to vehicle maintenance. In the long run, it only benefits the owner to maintain one of their greatest investments.

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