It's Your Car, Protect It With: Paint Maintenance

It's Your Car, Protect It With: Paint Maintenance

A new car owner loves to show off a new purchase the first chance they get—but are they still showing it off months or years down the road? Should they be? How can a car owner protect the initial shine so it lasts? When a car owner comes to get a car detailing, it important they understand that a detailing means more than just getting the outside to shine. Specifically, an auto detail can help protect the paint so the "wow factor" does not fade. Here are 5 simple tips to protect a car's exterior paint:

1. Get regular professional car washes! Not only do regular car washes help reduce scratches, they also almost instantly improve the appearance of the exterior.

2. Wax! Waxing is not just for muscle cars. Mr. Clean Car Wash's Express Wax keeps the paint protected for up to 3 months.

3. Use the right product! Demand the highest quality products. Not just any product will do when it comes to maintaining the quality of a vehicle. Make sure you're using the Professional Series of products offered by Mothers Polishes Waxes and Cleaners.

4. Hire the right technicians! Make sure the technicians that do the work are properly certified. Nothing can jeopardize a paint job more than the hands that are being hired to protect it.

5. Keep the car clean! Get a Super Shine Detail from Mr. Clean Car Wash. There is no better way to protect a vehicle than to get a full clean inside and out. Car detailing can seem like a hassle, but overall the health and wealth of a vehicle depends on lasting quality and care.

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