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Preparing Your Car For The Winter Holidays

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

With the holidays just around the corner, your to-do list is likely a mile long! With last minute shopping and rushing around to get your home ready for guests, your car may be the last thing that crosses your mind. You depend on your car for many things, so that’s why it’s so important to make sure that it’s prepped and ready to go before you embark on holiday travel plans. Here are just a few ways to get ready when preparing your car when it comes to traveling for the holidays.

Shine Up With An Interior And Exterior Wash
A lot of people neglect their vehicles in the winter, especially just before the holidays, because they’re too busy or feel like they can’t work anything extra into their holiday budget. When it comes to preparing your car for winter driving, Mr. Clean Car Wash offers affordable wash services year-round. And just before the upcoming winter holidays is the best time to visit us for a full interior and exterior clean. On the inside we hand wipe your console and dash, as well as vacuum and clean your windows until they’re streak free. The result is an odor-free interior that you’ll enjoy taking your family shopping in. We don’t leave anything untouched on the outside. We wash and hand dry your vehicle, and leave your tires and wheels looking great. Not only should you visit us before you make holiday travel plans, don’t forget to stick a Mr. Clean Car Wash gift card in your favorite car lover’s stocking this season.

Keep Car Engine Temps Down When On The Road
With changing temperatures here in the south, you can have a warm day where you run your air conditioner and the next morning, you’ll need your defrost and heat on to help warm your vehicle up. Over time, your vehicle’s heating system could be compromised because of the fluctuations in temps. Having a periodic antifreeze exchange, especially just before you’ll be making a long holiday road trip is vital. Visit Mr. Clean Car Wash to have our pros inspect your cooling system and perform an antifreeze flush.

Don’t Grind Your Gears As You Travel
Making sure that the fluids on your vehicle are filled properly is very important for holiday travel. Your transmission is one example. Driving through hilly terrain or on slick roadways means that your car’s transmission is working at its max capacity. Our technicians will examine your car’s transmission and top off fluids if low. A transmission flush service will make sure that your vehicle’s transmission fliuid is clean to protect the internal components of your transmission, whether it is an automatic or manual transmission.

Here at Mr. Clean Car Wash we are multi-faceted. We offer a variety of car cleaning services and engine maintenance packages to suit your needs. Give us a call today so we can help eliminate one more stress for you this holiday season.

The Importance of Washing Under a Vehicle

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

When a car goes through a car wash, the last thing that a car owner usually thinks of to clean in the part of the car they can’t see. Out of sight out of mind, could cause damage to a vehicle in the long run. The undercarriage of a vehicle is just as important to clean and maintain as the visible exterior of the car.

Dirt and grime can build up under a vehicle over time from the road, and other places a driver may go. An undercarriage has drainage holes that can get clogged or restricted due to build-up left behind from the road. A car wash can reach the places a car owner doesn’t think about in order to keep the car clean in all the nooks and crannies.

Cleaning the undercarriage also helps to prevent rust. Rocks and other particles can chip an undercarriage when driving on rough road or gravel, leaving bare metal exposed. This metal is vulnerable to rust when it is exposed to moisture. When a car goes through a professional car wash, the technicians can make sure that the car is properly dried off to prevent rust and other problems that come from too much moisture. Rust can cause a vehicle to break down at a faster rate, and can have an impact on resale value.

A professional car wash is one of the best ways to clean the parts of a vehicle that a car owner can and can’t see. A complete clean from top to bottom can give peace of mind and increase longevity. The Signature Shine wash at Mr. Clean Car Wash cleans and protects with an underbody rust inhibitor with a performance level wash. Right now get $5 off any Signature Shine wash to keep the top and the bottom of a vehicle clean and protected.

Detail In Winter? Yes!

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

If you think detailing your car is just for those spring and summer months where the sun can glint off the freshly polished and waxed exterior, think again. Here’s why you should detail in winter:

One of the number one enemies is road salt. It can eat through your car’s finish and contribute to premature rusting. Detailing in winter with a thorough process including a car wash, polish and wax to get that corrosion-causing road salt off your car and lay down a protective layer that will help keep it off your car as winter wears on.

Even if you live in an area where they don’t salt the roads, the caked-on snow, ice, mud and grime can trap moisture against your car’s finish with—you guessed it—the same result: A ruined finish and an early trip to the junkyard because of rust that could have been prevented or at least delayed with a good detail in winter.

But it’s not just your car’s exterior that needs attention. A thorough detail in winter is important for your car’s interior, too. Every time you get in your vehicle with wet, muddy or snowy shoes, your carpet takes a hit. It needs to be cleaned more often, not less, when winter rolls around. And your shoes likely aren’t the only part of you bringing grit and grime into your car. Cloth and leather interiors both need more frequent vacuuming during the winter months to prevent scratches, rips and tears.

And how about those temperature extremes? From freezing (or below freezing) temperatures to the occasional bright sunny day, your leather, vinyl and plastic parts go through a lot of contracting and expanding with the cold and heat. Proper regular conditioning of those surfaces will prevent them from becoming dry, brittle and cracking apart.

Mr. Clean Car Wash offers the same full range of detailing services year-round, because your car needs that kind of care in winter, summer, spring and fall. And with these specials, you can even save some money!

Car Wash Coupons with Everyday Value

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Keeping a car clean is essential to the value and even safety of a vehicle. A clean car can keep it running the way it should and can protect key elements from breaking down. Yet, a key part of the maintenance of a vehicle shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s why Mr. Clean Carwash provides promotions and special offers – car wash coupons- to keep vehicles looking and running the way that they should without breaking an owner’s wallet.

Everyday promotions and savings start with the Unlimited Plan car wash. Don’t worry about the frequency with this monthly plan and bring a vehicle by as often as needed. After three washes this plan saves a car owner about 25% compared to individual washes, and there are 6 plans to choose from. Savings and convenience make this plan ideal for any car owner, not to mention the benefits it provides to the vehicle as a whole.

Next, for those who get an early start to their day, Early Bird pricing is available and is topped off with free coffee. Why wait, when a car owner can beat the crowd and save some cash?

Need an oil change and a car wash? All regularly priced oil change purchases include a free Pro Interior and Exterior Wash. Saving both time and money.

Maybe a car owner that likes to plan ahead, a Buy 5 Get 1 Free booklet is the way to go. Buy a booklet of six carwashes and only pay for 5! Thats a Free wash athat equates to a17% savings! They’re easy to buy and easy to use whenever a good clean is needed.

Everyday, customers can find a list of running promotions to keep their car in top shape. Right now get $5 off a Signature Shine or any single service detail by clicking the ‘promotions’ tab on the Mr. Clean Carwash website.

All the promotions and offers at Mr. Clean Carwash have a little extra savings included: time. With two technicians teams, and quick service, any car wash, oil change, or detail will save time as well as money without losing value.

For a detailed list of what each individual service includes and up to date car wash coupons, contact the closest Mr. Clean Carwash.

Before You Search for “Car Wash Near Me,” Check Your Schedule.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

When you pull up your favorite search engine and type in “car wash near me,” you’ve probably got a few priorities in mind: convenience, cost, how long it’s going to take, etc. But have you ever thought about the when? In other words, is there any time that’s better than another when it comes to getting your car washed? The answer is a resounding “yes”… but it’s not the same for everybody. Here are some things to think about when you’re deciding when to get your car washed:

What’s the forecast?
You may have heard that you should never wash your car on a sunny day, but that only applies to home washes. Excessive heat can cause soapy water to dry before you have a chance to get it off, running the risks of spots. That’s not a concern when you use a professional car wash, so sunny days are perfectly fine. But the same isn’t true for rain.

Unless you live in a heavily polluted area, it’s not the rain itself that will ruin your fresh wash; it’s the water that splashes up from the road surface. Think about it – all the dirt and grime from thousands of cars has been building up ever since the last rain, and, as soon as that road gets wet, it starts splashing up on your car. Most car washes offer a rain guarantee – a free rewash if it rains within a certain time span – but you still have to take the time to do the whole thing again. So it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast first.

Where will my car be?
Some places contribute more dirt than others. If you’ll be taxiing kids back and forth to ball games all weekend and parking on or near dirt, gravel, and grass, you might want to wait until Monday. That way you can enjoy your clean car for a week before the next round of games starts.

What’s my schedule?
There’s one truth about modern life that we all share: being so busy that we try to wedge to-do list items in anywhere we can. A professional car wash isn’t one of those things. It doesn’t take that long, but you can’t rush the process, either. If your car is still in the tunnel when it is time for you to leave to pick your kids up, there’s only so much you can do. And if you leave while your car is still wet, you’ll have spots and swirls. Therefore, before you Google “car wash near me” check out all of our locations and find the closest near you. At Mr. Clean Car Wash we pride ourself on fast service and we can make sure your car is ready to go when it is time to pick up your kids.

What’s the occasion?
There’s just one thing that can cancel out all of the other considerations: a special occasion. Whether it’s a first date, a job interview, or lunch with a big client, a special occasion trumps everything. Even if it’s going to rain tomorrow and you’ll be parking on a muddy field the day after that, when you need a clean car – well, you need a clean car. Appearances count, and right before a special occasion is always a great time for a professional car wash.

The point is that planning ahead and thinking about how a car wash fits your personal schedule can help you save both time and money. Mr. Clean Car Wash is ready when you are. Stop by today for $5 off our Signature Shine Full Service Car Wash or any single detailing service.

Odor Eliminator Benefits For A Clean Smelling Vehicle

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Your vehicle is an investment through and through. That is why keeping dirt and stains at bay is a priority. Whether you carpool kids to school each day or travel with your dog to the park each weekend, odors are bound to arise. While using your favorite air freshener to keep things smelling good is a great idea, it is just a temporary fix. Have you ever noticed that underlying smells reoccur just a few days later? Using an odor eliminator is a better and more long-lasting alternative to an air freshener. Here are some ways to get rid of pesky odors for good with some help from the pros at Mr. Clean Car Wash.

Wash Away Dirt And Grime

Many times odors start on the outside of your vehicle. Mud and other contaminants can easily make it into the interior of your car while you’re getting in and out. It’s important to keep your car’s surface clean at all times to prevent tracking in odor-causing particles. Visit a Mr. Clean Car Wash location and choose a wash based on your needs. An exterior cleaning will help remove outside odor-causing debris and prevent it from reaching your vehicle’s interior. Options include a:

  • 1000-point soft cloth wash
  • Thorough under body wash
  • Single shine polish
  • Cascade of Clean foam bath
  • Spot-free rinse

Get An Interior Detail

Having your vehicle’s interior cleaned by a professional at Mr. Clean Car Wash helps target hidden dirt and odors that are lurking in corners and on surfaces. This includes many options such as:

  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Wipe down of console and dash
  • Window cleaning
  • An odor eliminator treatment

A clean interior space helps reduce stubborn scents, while the odor eliminator actually counter-balances unpleasant smells that are hard to eliminate such as cigarette smoke and pet accidents.

Clean The Vents

A lot of environmental odors can easily reach inside your interior car space once you turn on your vents. Your car’s vent system can also harbor mildew and encourage mold growth. This can lead to permanent odors that are hard to eliminate with just a normal air freshener. Sprays, plastic odor diffusers and scented hanging fresheners will only provide a temporary fix to car odor. Ask your car care specialist at Mr. Clean to install a new cabin air filter and follow up with odor eliminators to get rid of bothersome smells permanently.

Choosing An Odor Eliminator Over An Air Freshener

Mr. Clean Car Wash techs use a variety of odor fighting cleaning solutions that leave your vehicle smelling fresh long after application. The main difference is that an odor eliminator directly targets bacteria-causing odor that’s tough to beat. Choosing this form of odor control helps eradicate the problem rather than masking it like an air freshener would.

A spray of your favorite tropical breeze air freshener will only temporary send the scent through the air—it doesn’t target embedded odors. Using an odor eliminator helps to neutralize and resolve heavy duty odors and leaves your car’s interior smelling clean and refreshing.

Why Detailing Is More Than Just A Car Wash

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

You probably have heard of people getting their cars detailed and wondered what that means. Is it just a fancy word for a car wash? No. Good detailing starts with a good car wash, but it goes far beyond that. It’s like the difference between dusting your home and doing a good spring cleaning. Both are important, but that spring cleaning goes a lot further. And so does detailing.

When you take your car in for detailing, a full-service car wash is followed up with deep cleanings such as a clay bar that can remove fading, scuffs and gunk from road tar and bird mess to tree sap. Polish removes old wax buildup and new wax gives your car a deep, long-lasting shine and protects your paint’s clear coat finish from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Your tires and wheels are cleaned, polished and dressed.

But that’s just the outside of your car. Detailing also makes the inside of your car, truck, SUV or minivan look its best, with cleaning and shampooing for the carpet. Your seats are given special attention with a solution for cloth and conditioners and tanners for leather. The hard surfaces like your dashboard and door panels are scrubbed to remove dirt and stains, then protected with a vinyl dressing.

Best of all, a good detailing makes your car look better longer. It’s not the same as a car wash or a replacement for your regularly scheduled car wash. It’s something you should add to your car care that enhances the value of your vehicle and your enjoyment of it. Learn more about the detail services available at Mr. Clean Car Wash and our detailing promotions here.

How To Have A Better-Looking, Longer-Lasting Leather Interior

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

You love your car’s leather interior. Odds are you even paid a little extra to have leather instead of cloth or vinyl. The thing is, leather isn’t a buy-it-and-forget-it deal. Your leather car seats are a lot like your own skin. They react to cold, heat, humidity and dryness.

In the same way you condition your skin differently in changing seasons, you need to take care of your car’s leather interior on a seasonal basis. And no matter the season, you want to be sure of the basics:

  • Clean the seats before you cleanse. That means vacuuming up dirt and loose debris from the seats so you don’t scratch or tear the leather in the next steps.
  • Remove deep-down dirt and stains. Then go for an all-over clean.
  • Condition. Just like with your skin after washing, this can slow down the natural processes that make your leather look dry and tired.

And, just as you wouldn’t use just any products on your skin, you want the best for your car’s leather interior–products that will clean, cleanse and condition.

What’s that? You love your car’s leather interior, but you’re a busy bee and can’t imagine where you’ll get the time to give your investment the care it needs, especially several times a year? Well, the good news is that caring for your car’s leather interior doesn’t have to be a do-it-yourself project. The professionals at Mr. Clean Car Wash not only have the tools, products and experience, but they’re able to do it in less time, getting you back on the road to your family, work and life in a beautiful-looking, soft-feeling, great-smelling leather interior year-round.

Read more about some of the best automobile interior leather care products here.

And what’s better than getting your car’s leather interior cared for and saving money, too? Click here for coupons!

Oil Changes And Mileage: How High Miles Affect Your Vehicle

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

It’s no secret that many factors go into determining if a vehicle is running out of life and that it’s time to upgrade to a newer model. High mileage, age and daily wear and tear all count toward the demise of a vehicle and its engine properties. Motor oil is the blood that an engine needs to thrive and survive. The more miles it has, the harder it works, so keeping fluids in check, especially oil, will help ease the stress on the motor. It’s very important to routinely care and address issues that could potentially lead to engine failure as you tack more miles onto your odometer. Keeping up to date on oil changes and vehicle servicing on a frequent basis is the best way to make sure your engine starts every time. Here are a few things to pay attention to with your high mileage vehicle so that you get the most out of every mile.

Lock Up Of Engine Components

One of the main threats to your vehicle, especially if you have over 75,000 miles on the odometer, is engine failure. Many vehicle models can withstand well over 150,000 miles with minimal problems as long as routine engine maintenance is performed. Choosing a high-mileage oil helps prolong engine life and prevents part failure due to additional lubrication. Specialized high mileage oil contains additives and conditioners that prevent oil sludge, over-consumption of oil and additional engine wear and tear. Visit a Mr. Clean Car Wash today to treat your engine to a high-mileage oil change.

Prevent Valve Leakage To Conserve Engine Oil

Cars with a lot of mileage are at a higher risk of leaks. As the engine ages and becomes worn, seals can easily leak. This can quickly lead to engine failure or cause parts and components to break or require repair. Using oil like Pennzoil which controls engine oil additives and conditioners to each oil change can help prevent erosion within a high mileage engine’s seals. This will keep a high mileage vehicle on the road longer. Ask a car care pro at Mr. Clean Car Wash what the best type of Pennzoil oil would be to boost the longevity of your car’s engine performance.

Rust And Wear Leads To Oil Loss

You may think that rust has nothing to do with the mechanics of your car’s engine, but that’s not true. High mile, older model vehicles are prone to rust. Once you have erosion inside of the engine, can result in broken seals, bearings and more wear on the oil pump. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is by frequent washing to remove salt, dirt and other environmental contaminants that eat away at paint and metal. As part of a normal maintenance plan, don’t forget to replace the oil filter and have the oil pump checked every 3,000 miles if you have a vehicle with higher mileage.

Pulling and Towing

You may be thinking that you can wait a little longer than 3,000 miles to have an oil change on your vehicle, but don’t put off an oil change or servicing, especially if you will be towing or traveling. If you routinely pull or tow trailers or other items behind your high-mileage vehicle, it’s at a greater risk for parts and engine breakdown due to oil sludge buildup. With high mileage motors, it’s important that you take special care of your vehicle both inside and out. Consider:

  • Frequent car washes to remove under body dirt and clean your engine
  • Complete oil system flush and high-mileage oil change to prevent oil sludge buildup
  • Coolant servicing and fluid top-up

Dropping by and talking with a Mr. Clean Car Wash specialist will help you get the right care based on your specific vehicle engine needs. No appointment necessary.

Frequent oil changes is the best way to keep your high-mileage car on the road for years to come. Contact a Mr. Clean Car Wash near you and ask about specials and savings to help get your vehicle on track.

Car Wash efficiency Starts with Two

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Believe it or not, a car wash can be a difficult thing. Especially when considering all the components of a professional car wash. Taking note of the details can make all the difference in a superior clean and shine. One way to ensure careful consideration is in accountability and a second eye, which is why two finishers are better than one.

First of all, time is a huge consideration to both the finisher and to the customer. Everyone has busy schedules and places they need to be at a certain time. Having each finisher dry their own side of the car allows for efficiency and time management. The car will be done in half the time and helps to “Clean Cars FAST!”

In fact, one of the selling points of a full-service car wash is that it takes the same amount of time to go through the tunnel no matter what level of wash selected. No need to sacrifice time for quality.

Then two finishers begin drying the car after it exits the tunnel giving an all around clean in half the time. The process is mirrored on both sides, getting the car finished faster than if only one person was doing the job. Having a finisher man each side not only gets the process finished faster, but also lets the finisher pay attention to detail on their designated side. The system helps the finishers to work as a team that gets the customer in and out faster, respecting their time and money. Also, having a designated side encourages team effort because both finishers know where to focus in order to get the job done in the most efficient way. Only having one person on each side really helps maximize clean and quality.

When it comes to getting a car clean fast, Mr. Clean Car Wash is the place to go. Find out more about Mr. Clean Car Wash’s processes and procedures, and understand how a car can be cleaner simply with an extra hand.