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Odor Eliminator Benefits For A Clean Smelling Vehicle

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Your vehicle is an investment through and through. That is why keeping dirt and stains at bay is a priority. Whether you carpool kids to school each day or travel with your dog to the park each weekend, odors are bound to arise. While using your favorite air freshener to keep things smelling good is a great idea, it is just a temporary fix. Have you ever noticed that underlying smells reoccur just a few days later? Using an odor eliminator is a better and more long-lasting alternative to an air freshener. Here are some ways to get rid of pesky odors for good with some help from the pros at Mr. Clean Car Wash.

Wash Away Dirt And Grime

Many times odors start on the outside of your vehicle. Mud and other contaminants can easily make it into the interior of your car while you’re getting in and out. It’s important to keep your car’s surface clean at all times to prevent tracking in odor-causing particles. Visit a Mr. Clean Car Wash location and choose a wash based on your needs. An exterior cleaning will help remove outside odor-causing debris and prevent it from reaching your vehicle’s interior. Options include a:

  • 1000-point soft cloth wash
  • Thorough under body wash
  • Single shine polish
  • Cascade of Clean foam bath
  • Spot-free rinse

Get An Interior Detail

Having your vehicle’s interior cleaned by a professional at Mr. Clean Car Wash helps target hidden dirt and odors that are lurking in corners and on surfaces. This includes many options such as:

  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Wipe down of console and dash
  • Window cleaning
  • An odor eliminator treatment

A clean interior space helps reduce stubborn scents, while the odor eliminator actually counter-balances unpleasant smells that are hard to eliminate such as cigarette smoke and pet accidents.

Clean The Vents

A lot of environmental odors can easily reach inside your interior car space once you turn on your vents. Your car’s vent system can also harbor mildew and encourage mold growth. This can lead to permanent odors that are hard to eliminate with just a normal air freshener. Sprays, plastic odor diffusers and scented hanging fresheners will only provide a temporary fix to car odor. Ask your car care specialist at Mr. Clean to install a new cabin air filter and follow up with odor eliminators to get rid of bothersome smells permanently.

Choosing An Odor Eliminator Over An Air Freshener

Mr. Clean Car Wash techs use a variety of odor fighting cleaning solutions that leave your vehicle smelling fresh long after application. The main difference is that an odor eliminator directly targets bacteria-causing odor that’s tough to beat. Choosing this form of odor control helps eradicate the problem rather than masking it like an air freshener would.

A spray of your favorite tropical breeze air freshener will only temporary send the scent through the air—it doesn’t target embedded odors. Using an odor eliminator helps to neutralize and resolve heavy duty odors and leaves your car’s interior smelling clean and refreshing.

WSB’s Mark Arum & His Clean Car

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

I’ve been working in the media business, specifically in television, radio and in newspaper, for over 25 years. One of the best parts of my job remains being invited to talk to students in high school and college that are interested in a career in media.

I’m often asked what my best advice is for young, aspiring journalists just entering the job market. My answer is always the same: Never be late to work, never call in sick, live close to the office and always keep your car clean. That last piece of advice often receives bewildered looks and head tilts from the audience.

Why is it important to keep your car clean?

My first job out of college was working an entry level position at a major-market radio station. I was a good employee, and was always willing to go above and beyond. I was approaching my six-month review when my boss scheduled a meeting with me to go over my work to date. I expected a quick, “you’re doing fine buddy” meeting in his office. Instead, he suggested we go out for a cup of coffee to discuss things. Sounded good to me until he said, “Lets jump in your car and head to the diner down the street.”

I immediately broke out in a flop sweat. I panicked. My car was an absolute mess. I had an older Mazda 626. While it was a very solid, very reliable car— both the inside and outside of it were disgusting. That 90-foot walk through the work parking garage was the longest, most agonizing walk I’ve ever taken in my life. I ran ahead of my boss to try and clear out some of the junk I’d had stashed on the passenger seat. I opened the door and quickly tossed papers, old fast food bags, soda cans, etc. into the back seat so my boss would have somewhere to sit.

I will never forget the look of disgust on his face. The two mile drive to the diner felt like three hours. We hit every stoplight on the way to the restaurant, prolonging my agony.

When we finally got to the diner, my normally jovial boss seemed gruff and cold. We had a cup of coffee and he quickly reviewed my performance—providing mostly positive comments. Yet, we drove back to the station in silence. My boss’ perception of me had changed and I could feel it. His disappointment was palpable.

Weeks later I applied for a promotion inside the company and was denied. Months later, I applied again—but this time for a better job within the station. I didn’t get it. My career hit a brick wall and I firmly believe it was because of my dirty car.

After that fateful drive to the diner, I made sure to always keep my car spotless inside and out.

Luckily, that boss moved on to another station later that year. When my new boss was hired, you better believe that my car was clean everyday.

How Long Will My Car Wax Last?

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Nothing lasts forever (except for taxes, there will always be taxes)—and that includes a car wax job. Even the most professional application of a high-quality wax will eventually lose its luster. However, it’s hard to define what “eventually” means, because there are so many factors that affect how long a wax job lasts. Here are the most important factors:

  • Surface prep: Just as old roof will eventually require a complete re-roof (instead of just another new layer of shingles) due to a poor or weathering initial product, eventually a car will require top tier wax. It’s important to start with a product that removes any wax left over from the last application. In addition, clay bar application (which is part of Mr. Clean Car Wash’s car detail packages) is important for removing contaminants in preparation for a new coat of wax.
  • How it’s applied: The way in which the wax is applied makes a huge difference. For one thing, many people unknowingly apply far too much wax at a time. It’s much better to apply a thin coat of wax and then, if necessary, repeat the process. In addition, applying wax by hand is usually a mistake. That’s partly because it’s almost impossible to avoid using uneven pressure when you apply wax by hand. The circular motion most people use when applying car wax by hand tends to leave a visible pattern behind. The best wax applications are done with a random motion orbiter, which applies even pressure and doesn’t leave a pattern. In addition, the friction and heat produced by the random orbiter work to remove contaminants from the surface, which reduces the risk of scratches.
  • Environmental factors: It makes sense, but a lot of people never think about it: Cars stored in a garage can go longer between waxes. The same is true for cars that are driven only occasionally versus every day. In addition, other environmental factors like pollution, salt, and ice melt can shorten the life of a wax job.
  • Frequency of washing: This one is the proverbial Catch-22. Regular washes are a critical part of protecting a car’s paint, but they do shorten the life of a car wax job. Car owners who are wise enough to wash their cars frequently should consider getting their cars waxed more frequently, too.

The bottom line is it’s tough to give a specific time frame for how long a car can go between wax jobs, but here’s a neat little hack: If rain is no longer beading on the car’s surface, it’s time for wax.

Car wax isn’t just a nicety. It provides a chemical barrier that protects the paint from wear, tear, and environmental elements. Mr. Clean Car Wash has a variety of car detail services to give your car the deep shine it had the first day you got it.