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Why Detailing Is More Than Just A Car Wash

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

You probably have heard of people getting their cars detailed and wondered what that means. Is it just a fancy word for a car wash? No. Good detailing starts with a good car wash, but it goes far beyond that. It’s like the difference between dusting your home and doing a good spring cleaning. Both are important, but that spring cleaning goes a lot further. And so does detailing.

When you take your car in for detailing, a full-service car wash is followed up with deep cleanings such as a clay bar that can remove fading, scuffs and gunk from road tar and bird mess to tree sap. Polish removes old wax buildup and new wax gives your car a deep, long-lasting shine and protects your paint’s clear coat finish from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Your tires and wheels are cleaned, polished and dressed.

But that’s just the outside of your car. Detailing also makes the inside of your car, truck, SUV or minivan look its best, with cleaning and shampooing for the carpet. Your seats are given special attention with a solution for cloth and conditioners and tanners for leather. The hard surfaces like your dashboard and door panels are scrubbed to remove dirt and stains, then protected with a vinyl dressing.

Best of all, a good detailing makes your car look better longer. It’s not the same as a car wash or a replacement for your regularly scheduled car wash. It’s something you should add to your car care that enhances the value of your vehicle and your enjoyment of it. Learn more about the detail services available at Mr. Clean Car Wash and our detailing promotions here.

Treat Your Towels with Respect

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Once upon a time, people getting ready to do a home car wash just grabbed the nearest old t-shirt. Today there are several options that could be more preferential to the user. One thing they all have is in common is they require some TLC, especially when it comes to washing and drying. Here are a few tips for keeping carwashing towels in top shape:

  • Do wash them before the first use to get rid of any factory residue.
  • Do use different towels for different jobs. Have separate towels for interior use, exterior use, and dirty jobs like the wheels and exhaust.
  • Do listen to mom and sort before washing. Washing all of three sets of towels at the same time spreads contaminants and defeats the purpose of having different towels for different jobs.
  • Don’t use fabric softener. Fabric softener reduces absorbency.
  • Don’t use bleach or products with bleach alternatives. Bleach breaks down the microfibers, causing them to produce lint.
  • Don’t rely on ordinary laundry detergent. This is where microfiber towels show their downside: While they’re absorbing all of that water, they’re also absorbing dirt, grease, grime, and whatever other contaminants with which they come in contact.
  • Do clean the lint trap before putting towels in the dryer.

If that sounds like more work than actually washing or detailing the car, let Mr. Clean Car Wash handle the hassle for you. All Mr. Clean Car Washes clean their towels thoroughly, carefully, and in a way that protects the environment. Stop by today to take advantage of the latest promotions.

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Car Cleaning and What It Has to Do with Door Jambs

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

What is a door jamb?

A door jamb is the area on a vehicle where the door connects to the body of the car. While most car owners rarely thinking about door jambs when doing regular car cleaning, they provide housing for parts of a car that are essential for the door to open and close properly. That includes things like the hinges, strikers, and guides.

Part of a door jamb’s job is to act as a seal between the interior of the car and outside elements. That said, door jambs collect a lot of dirt and grime. Moreover, manufacturers often apply a generous coating of grease to keep the door from squeaking when opened and shut—grease that attracts dirt and grime.

Why is a clean door jamb important?

Unfortunately, door jambs are an area of the car that’s frequently forgotten by the most conscientious owners during a full car cleaning. However, a dirty, smudged door jamb can cancel out the impact of an otherwise-thorough car cleaning in an instant. A filthy jamb certainly detracts from a car’s overall appearance, especially when the contrast is underscored by the car’s sparkling-clean exterior. In addition, it’s all too easy for that grit and grime to transfer to clothing, causing permanent stains. The dirt, grease, and moisture found on door jambs create the perfect breeding ground for rust. And rust is one of a car’s deadliest enemies. Finally, door jambs camouflage areas that have excessive wear and other developing problems, and therefore it’s important they get the attention they need.

How do I clean my car’s door jambs?

Cleaning door jambs can be done at home — but takes time and effort that could be used for more enjoyable activities. Car owners who want the job done right without the time commitment, the aching back and the throbbing knees can bring their cars to Mr. Clean Car Wash for detailing. Mr. Clean Car Wash wipes clean the door jambs with a full service wash. Mr. Clean Car Wash also offers a full detail service that includes a thorough cleaning and polishing of all door jambs, in addition to a full-service wash, carpet shampoo, an express wax, as well as a seat and interior hard surface cleaning and conditioning.

Mr. Clean Car Wash is currently offering a $5 off coupon on any single detailing package—so there’s no reason to let dirty car jambs undermine a car’s value. Stop by a Mr. Clean Car Wash today!

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Car Shampoo: It’s More than Skin Deep

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Most people don’t like to think about how dirty their carpets are. This is especially true when it comes to automotive carpet. Anyone who’s ever had wood or tile floors in their home can attest to how quickly dirt collects (and starts to show) on floors. That same dirt collects on carpet—it just isn’t as easy to see. That’s why a thorough, professional car shampoo plays a critical role when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

Why use car shampoo instead of just vacuuming?

While vacuuming is an important step towards keeping carpet clean, it only removes dirt from the top of the carpet. Getting down into the carpet’s pile — and, especially, the carpet’s backing, (which is where gravity eventually deposits most of the dirt) — requires more. In addition, many of the spills on a cars carpet could cause staining. Finally, if the car has an odor (perhaps from a spill) car shampoo may be the only way to make the car habitable again.

When is car shampoo necessary?

Any stains or odors are grounds for an immediate shampoo. In both instances, quick action provides the best results. Visible dirt like mud or sand should also be removed with shampoo as soon as possible. Beyond that, a good rule of thumb is to get the car shampooed several times a year—whether it be seasonal (following winter defrosting or a summer vacation at the beach)–and those numbers go up for people who regularly drive with children, dogs, or multiple passengers.

While regularly vacuuming at home is great preventive maintenance, most people don’t have the tools or equipment to do a thorough car shampoo at home. That’s why so many choose a car shampoo service like the one offered at Mr. Clean Car Wash.

Like all of Mr. Clean Car Wash’s express detailing packages, the car carpet shampoo detail can be done in 30 minutes. Mr. Clean Car Wash is currently offering a coupon for $5 off any single detailing package.

Don’t assume that a carpet that looks clean is clean. Instead, come by Mr. Clean Car Wash today for a professional interior car shampoo.

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Detailing: A Car Wash on Hyperdrive

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

If a washing a car is like cleaning the kitchen after dinner, detailing car is like hiring someone to whip the entire house into tip-top shape. Car Detailing expands the definition of “clean” to mean “immaculate” and “polished.” Professional detailers offer the following services:

  • Waxing exterior painted surfaces
  • Shampooing the carpets and mats
  • Cleaning and conditioning the seats
  • Cleaning and conditioning interior hard surfaces

And that’s just basic car details. The upgrade options are practically unlimited. In fact, almost every car surface can benefit from the TLC delivered with a professional detailing:

  • Enhanced waxing and conditioning options, like polishing to remove old wax buildup before adding a new coat of synthetic wax
  • Clay bar treatment, during which a clay bar is used like an eraser to remove oxidation, contaminants, tar, and scuffs before waxing painted surfaces
  • Restoring headlights

Though, traditional car detailing can take several hours—the professionals at Mr. Clean Car Wash understand that being without a car for that long isn’t always feasible. That’s why Mr. Clean Car Wash express detailing services take about 30 minutes each to complete. Customers can choose as many as they have time for, in any combination. It’s a great way to maintain and enhance the condition and appearance of your vehicle without a huge time commitment.

In addition, Mr. Clean Car Wash customers can take advantage of a coupon for $5 off of any detailing service. Visit Mr. Clean Car Wash for a car detailing near you today.

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