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Oil Types: Which One Should You Use In Cooler Weather?

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Seasons change and, depending on where you live, so might the oil types your car should use. When the weather turns cold, thicker oil has a harder time flowing through your vehicle’s engine and protecting all the critical parts with lubrication.

How can you tell which oil types are thicker, and which are better for your car in colder weather? That’s where those numbers on the oil bottles like 10W-40 come in. The “W” in that number stands for “Winter”, and the number before it (the “10”, in this case) is the viscosity or thickness. When the cold weather comes, you want a lower number, meaning thinner oil, which will smoothly coat the insides of your engine even in the most frigid weather. The second number is the high-temperature viscosity rating, measuring how well the oil protects you engine in those conditions. So, a 5W-30 or 0-W30 will give better protection in winter weather than, say, a 10W-40 or a 20W-50, while still providing solid high-temperature protection.

You should also consider asking for a synthetic or synthetic blend motor oil. Both offer better protection in extreme temperatures (both high and low) than conventional motor oil. Pennzoil has a helpful web page about the differences between oil types. And Mr. Clean Car Wash offers the full line of Pennzoil motor oil types—Conventional, High Mileage, Synthetic Blend, Synthetic and Ultra Synthetic. As always, an oil change is more than just an oil change at Mr. Clean Car Wash. You also get a new oil filter, a 15-point inspection and a free full-service pro car wash. And that’s all included in the price of your oil change. Here’s a link to the details. And you can make your visit to Mr. Clean Car Wash even more economical with these special offers.

Best Place to Get an Oil Change Near Me

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Where’s the best place to get an oil change near me? How about a place that cares for your car inside and out? We all want to keep our vehicles running smoothly and efficiently. We all want our lives to be smooth and efficient, too. So in your busy life, getting the right care for your car in a convenient location is a win-win.

Mr. Clean Car Wash, as you’d guess from the name, is a car wash, but that’s only part of the car care they offer. There’s also detailing, comprehensive automotive service and preventative maintenance and oil changes. But at Mr. Clean Car Wash, an oil change is more than just draining the old oil and adding the new. That’s why they call it Oil Change Plus.

So, what’s the “plus”? It’s a 15-point inspection that comes at no extra charge with every oil change at Mr. Clean Car Wash. Not only do you get an oil change and a fresh oil filter, Mr. Clean Car Wash also lubricates your vehicle’s chassis, checks the air filter, breathers and PCV valve and even your windshield wiper blades. And that’s just the start. They also check and fill your coolant, transmission fluid, differential fluid, steering fluid, windshield washer fluid and your battery. And then they check your brake fluid level and the air pressure in your tires.

All of that is included in the one low price for your oil change. Oh,they also include a FREE Carwash with every oil change! But even that is more than just a wash. Mr. Clean Car Wash hand-finishes your wheels, hand dries your vehicle, cleans the windows, vacuums, wipes the dash and console, and uses an odor eliminator. And again, that’s included in the price of your oil change. And the oil you get is the best—Pennzoil.

You can read more about Mr. Clean Car Wash’s oil change services. And, although the prices are already low, you can save even more money with the promotions and discounts you’ll find here. If you live in Georgia or Texas, the answer to the question “Where’s the best place to get an oil change near me?” is Mr. Clean Car Wash. Check here for the location nearest you.

The Best Oil Change: 5 Reasons Why Mr. Clean Car Wash Is The Best

Friday, August 26th, 2016

If an oil change seems like a huge chore or bother to you, remember that your car needs special care throughout the year. In fact, the pros at Mr. Clean Car Wash can simplify the entire car care process for you. With everything from cleaning to routine maintenance, you can rest assured that your car will be pampered bumper-to-bumper as soon as you drop it off. Here are 5 reasons why Mr. Clean Car Wash offers the best oil change and full-service vehicle care in town.

  1. Deals And Freebies: If one of the reasons why you’ve been putting off an oil change or transmission flush is because of the price, look no further. Mr. Clean Car Wash offers a variety of special promotions and coupons that you can use on your next service and visit. We always offer a Free Pro Full Service Wash and a 15-point inspection to check for underlying issues with every oil change! Keep in mind that we don’t charge any oil disposal or shop fees, like a lot of other oil change businesses do. It’s recommended that you change your vehicle’s oil at least every 3000 to 7500 miles, depending on your vehicle type and what type of oil use previously used.
  2. Tailored Services: Another great reason to visit Mr. Clean Car Wash over our competitors is that we tailor your services according to your vehicle and your needs as well. We keep a record of previous oil changes and services completed at our locations. We take things into consideration such as your car’s mileage, make and model, oil capacity and manufacturers recommended service schedule.
  3. Improve Engine Performance: We don’t just fill up your vehicle with the lowest grade oil just to save money or cut corners. We choose only the best premium synthetic or ultra synthetic oil on the market. We trust Pennzoil with all of the vehicles that we service. Our oil utilizes Hyper Cleansing Technology and we install new standard oil filters to help make sure that dirt particles and sludge don’t pass through to your engine system.
  4. Quick Times: We pride ourselves on getting your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. If you are in a time crunch, let us know. We can work around your schedule and try our very best to make sure that you are in and out quickly. We won’t slack on service and we’ll make sure that we set up a schedule for you to come back for future oil changes and car washes at your convenience.
  5. Full-Service: We don’t just offer the best oil change in town, we also have numerous other services that you can bundle with your oil change to save money. We also offer:
    1. Rear differential servicing
    2. Fuel filter and fuel injection cleaning
    3. Throttle plate cleaning
    4. Cabin and air filter changes
    5. Coolant services
    6. Light to complete interior and exterior washes and detailing services

If you need multiple things done, let our appointment scheduler know so that you can get the most out of your Mr. Clean Car Wash experience.

Come by today for a full-service oil change and keep your car running its best year round.

Demystifying Car Maintenance Terms

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Between shuttling the kids to school on the way to the office to completing errands on the way home, people’s days are often packed, and more than a little chaotic. Drivers begin to think about an oil change as the miles accumulate, and eventually they swing by the auto shop and check that item off the list.

Proper car maintenance is more than just an oil change every few thousand miles and a car wash, though. To keep the car functioning, drivers need to have regular maintenance service. Think of it like a checkup. The car does the heavy lifting and shuttles people around a lot, and it experiences quite a bit of daily wear. It won’t be in optimal shape if its components are grimy and its systems are clogged. Here are some important terms and their services that will help vehicles take people where they need to be:

Throttle Plate Cleaning
The throttle plate, a small swiveling component of the engine, controls the flow of air and fuel vapor that passes through the engine’s cylinders when the accelerator is pressed. It can be susceptible to grime buildup, which will affect the engine’s operability and peak performance. A grimy plate will lead to a sluggish uptake, which is the last thing people want when they’re late for the office or an appointment. Throttle plate cleaning is available in the 30, 60 and 90K Services, as well as the Fuel System Package.

Transfer Case Service
Transfer case refers to the specialized box next to the transmission that controls power sent to the front and rear axles, and when engaging or disengaging the 4WD. The transfer case houses gears or chains, and it is found in all-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles, which make up the majority of new vehicles today. The transfer case relies on lubricated components, and the fluid can become dirty and contaminated easily. What might happen? Drivers might notice harsh resistance when shifting, or they might experience fluid leaks. Costlier repairs could even affect the transmission itself. Transfer case service is handled in the 4WD Transmission Package.

Fuel Injection Cleaning
Fuel injectors are responsible for pressurizing the engine’s incoming fuel, turning it into a mist that will burn more easily. As with other parts of the engine that rely on fluid, sludge can build up along crevices and block the injector’s nozzle, leading to reduced flow and choppy engine start up. Newer models are designed better, and they don’t build up sludge as quickly. However, no engine is ever immune, and it will benefit from the service provided in the Fuel System Package.

Rear Differential Service
The rear differential is similar to the transfer case, in that it controls the speeds of the wheels via the transmission, but this time the control is restricted to the rear axle. The gears it contains require fluid, and they can be damaged if the fluid is too low or is dirty. The 4WD Transmission Package, as well as the 30, 60 and 90K Service, can replace the fluid to keep any car content.

The breather is the duct reserved for engine air flow, and it’s connected to the engine crankcase and contains filters and baffles to block vapors and fumes. Now, why is a clean breather important? Without proper air flow, the engine can build up engine sludge rapidly, leading to potential malfunctions like leaking oil, faulty components and costly repairs. Drivers can help prevent these repairs when they get the 30, 60 and 90K Service, which includes inspecting the breather.

When was the last time you had your car serviced? Mr. Clean Car Wash can help keep your car in great condition, inside and out, with our car maintenance packages and car wash services. Swing by for friendly service today.

Image Source: Flickr

All-Weather 4WD: Four Wheel Drive Care

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

If you’re a 4WD vehicle owner, you probably know the importance of keeping it clean in the winter time. All that caked-on mud, snow and ice can trap moisture against the body, frame and other parts and cause rust. That’s why a thorough cleaning after every big adventure, no matter how cold and cloudy the weather may be, is a very good idea.

Summer 4WD fun involves different activities (beach trips, off-roading, often more sand and dust than mud) that require different types of maintenance. Keeping the outside and interior clean is important year-round, but summer’s the right time to focus on the inner workings of your 4WD vehicle, too.

There are more moving parts in a 4WD, so a thorough approach is best. For example, Mr. Clean Car Wash & Oil Change Plus offers a 4WD transmission service package. It includes a full-service oil change and automatic transmission service but adds service for the transfer case, which takes the power from your engine and transmission and distributes it to your 4WD vehicle’s front and rear axles.

There’s also service for the front and rear differential. Those are the gearboxes that let the outer drive wheels to roll faster than the inner drive wheels when you’re making a turn. When you get right down to it, the transfer case and front and rear differential are what make your vehicle a 4WD vehicle. Inside the transfer case and the front and rear differential is fluid. Over time, and especially when exposed to the elements that are common in summer such as four-wheeling, that fluid can get dirty, break down and provide less of the protection against heat and friction your 4WD vehicle needs. Keeping those fluids fresh and topped off can mean many thousands more fun-filled miles at the wheel of your 4WD vehicle.

Combine that maintenance with thorough cleaning and the regular service you’d give any vehicle and you’ll be enjoying the kind of fun and freedom only a 4WD vehicle can give for years to come. Come to Mr. Clean Car Wash today to prepare for all your summer adventures!

Pennzoil Oil: When Changing Your Oil, Not Just Any Oil Will Do

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Oil is one of the most essential fluids in your car. Without it, your engine won’t run for long before burning up. The lubrication provided by motor oil reduces friction, heat and wear. Regular oil and filter changes are essential to a smooth-running, long-lasting engine.

So what kind should you use? Beyond brand names (like Pennzoil oil) and weights (5w-30, 10w-40), there are five different types of motor oil. And odds are the manufacturer that built your car has specific recommendations as to what type to use.

  • There’s conventional oil. It does what any oil should do by actively cleaning out sludge to keep your engine running cleaner, cooler and longer.
  • If your vehicle is older and has 75,000 miles or more, you should consider high-mileage oil. It’s specially formulated for older, higher mileage cars, not only reducing sludge but helping to reduce leaks and burn-off.
  • If your vehicle is a truck, minivan or SUV, you should consider a synthetic blend oil at your next oil change and everyone after. Synthetic blend oil is better than conventional oil for severe driving conditions, including trailer towing.
  • For an even cleaner clean inside your engine, synthetic oil is the way to go. It’s also formulated for severe driving conditions and keeps pistons cleaner than the toughest industry standard.
  • And finally, the fifth and finest of the motor oils available today…ultra synthetic oil. Nothing keeps your engine closer to factory clean. Check your owner’s manual to see which oil your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. Pennzoil formulates its synthetic blend, synthetic oil and ultra synthetic oil to be dexos approved, General Motors’ new and rigorous standard for motor oil for its 2012 and newer models.

Can’t find your manufacturer’s recommendations? No problem. Pennzoil oil has an online selector that will help you determine the right type of oil (conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend, synthetic oil and ultra-synthetic oil) for your vehicle.

And remember, not all oil change places are alike, either. Mr. Clean Car Wash never charges shop or disposal fees, and any oil change service (they offer five—one for each type of oil) comes with a free Pro Interior & Exterior Wash! Click here for full details.

Maintenance After a Car is Cleaned

Monday, May 30th, 2016

It may be surprising, but a clean car is just as important to maintenance as an oil change. Keeping a vehicle well maintained not only helps keep up the value of the vehicle, but protect it from outside elements. Here are some ways to keep the clean after the wash.

The ideal way to protect a car from getting dirty faster after a wash is by parking in a garage. A garage provides safety from the elements, tree branches and dirt that may get swept up in the wind, as well as UV rays. A carport is also a good option because of the overall shelter it provides. Shelter from the elements is the primary way to ensure a cleaner vehicle, but this may not always an option.

A car cover may also be an option if a garage or carport. Car covers help to protect from elements like UV rays, and act as a barrier between the elements and the vehicle. However, a car is only as clean as the car cover. If the cover is not kept in a place that is clean and void of elements, it can transfer dirt and grime to the car it is covering. Car covers can also attract moisture underneath, which can cause a problem, especially if mixed with dirt. Also, when a car cover is consistently removed from the vehicle it can often scratch the car in the process.

No matter what the protection options are, getting regular car washes will help keep a vehicle clean and relatively free of dirt that can scratch, or damage, the car body. Don’t limit the clean to once or twice a month, sign up for unlimited car washes with Mr. Clean Car Wash to ensure a well-maintained vehicle every time. Right now, save $5 off your next visit when you purchase a Signature Shine Full Service Wash.

How Routine Maintenance Improves Vehicle Longevity

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Your vehicle is an investment that you entrust will last for years to come. If you live a busy lifestyle, it can be easy to pass up important milestones that your car needs to effectively stay on the road. It’s imperative to not wait until engine breakdown occurs to get your car fixed. Practicing good routine maintenance now will help improve the overall longevity of your vehicle. Here are just a few things that you can do right away to help prevent future car issues.

Keeping Things Cool

In many cases, it may be too late for your engine when it starts to overheat or begins leaking coolant on a hot summer day. Now is the time to have your coolant system serviced by the pros. Frequent fluid top-ups will help keep your engine cool and reduce stress on your car’s heater and air conditioner. A belt check along with replacing coolant fluids will help improve the life of the vehicle’s engine and will give you a heads-up should there be an underlying problem with the vehicle’s radiator or thermostat.

Steering In The Right Direction

Spring and summer are the best times of the year to hit the open road. While tire suspension and care are the main priority, don’t forget to schedule an appointment for an auto transmission servicing and a front and rear differential inspection. A quality car care specialist can thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s motor and suspension. A good service should provide:

  • A complete tire inspection including rotation and balancing
  • Replacement of a dirty air and fuel filter
  • Power steering fluid exchange
  • Inspection of the transfer case
  • Differential and transaxle servicing
  • A transmission fluid exchange

Routine oil changes are also very important to your car’s engine. Setting scheduled oil changes and a complete vehicle maintenance checkup will prevent major problems from occurring in the future.

Clear The Air

Over time, the air filters under the hood can lead to weak performance of your vehicle. Having these replaced frequently will help ensure that your car is running top-notch at all times. In addition, making sure that the cabin filters inside your car are clean can help reduce odors and keep allergen-causing pollen at bay.

Frequent Washes And Detailing

Proper maintenance under the hood is essential to keep your car safe on the road and avoid breakdown, but you should also keep it clean as well. Not washing your vehicle routinely can lead to paint oxidation and rust growth. Once rust settles in, it will need professional sandblasting to restore its quality. Prevent these issues from leading to widespread damage by having your car washed, detailed at a Mr. Clean Car Wash location. An underbody rust inhibitor and Mr. Clean surface protectant are small steps you can take to caring for the body of your vehicle and reducing rust under the hood. Scheduling a professional interior detailing will help keep your car’s interior clean and reduce wear and tear during the travel months.

Schedule an appointment today at your nearest Mr. Clean Car Wash location to have your car pampered and cared from top to bottom!

Pristine Pistons: How an Oil Change Can Keep Your Car Engine’s Pistons Running Smoothly

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

Even the most conscientious car owners don’t always give as much thought as they should to what happens under the hood of their car. Under the hood is where the car engine does its job. If all of those moving parts aren’t clean and well-maintained, some or all of them could lock up or become damaged. One of those parts is the piston.

What Is a Piston, and What Does It Do?

Let’s start at the beginning. At the most basic level, a combustion engine requires fuel, pressure, and a spark. Pistons work in conjunction with cylinders to provide those elements. When pistons rise, pressure is created in the cylinder. The cylinder contains a vapor composed of air and fuel. When a cylinder is at its highest point, a spark from the spark plug ignites the fuel/air mixture. This reaction sends the piston down at a high rate of speed. Other components then transfer that energy to the wheels.

OK…What Does That Have to Do With an Oil Change?

Oil lubricates a car engine’s moving parts. Think of oil as a coating that protects skin from chafing. In addition, oil draws heat away from a car’s working parts. This is important as a car’s engine can get extremely hot. It also helps prevent buildup from varnish and carbons. When it comes to pistons, oil keeps the pistons from getting scratched during their movement through the cylinders. Eventually, scratches can cause the pistons to lock up — which can result in an engine that doesn’t work and a car that doesn’t drive. Even if things never go that far, sludge and residue can hinder the piston’s movement. This can keep the car engine from operating at maximum efficiency.

What Do I Need to Do toTakeCare of My Car Engine’s Pistons?

Get regular oil changes at the intervals recommended by your manufacturer. In addition, make sure to choose synthetic oil. Synthetic oil has a lot of benefits that natural oil does not. First, it’s created in a lab. That means it can be tweaked to serve different purposes (as opposed to using natural oil). Manufacturers engineer synthetic oil to last longer and to be slicker than natural oil— which means it does a better job of reducing friction.

Your car’s paint and finish are important, but what happens under the hood is important, too. Next time you treat your car to a spa day at Mr. Clean Car Wash, ask about an oil change using synthetic oil.

What Is a 15 Point Inspection Oil Change?

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Much like a human body, cars need to be kept in healthy, tip-top shape in order to run like they should. Oftentimes, a break down can be prevented if the car is properly maintained. This maintenance includes checking fluid levels or adding air to tires. How do you know what to check and when? What should a car owner look for when inspecting? Easy. Follow the 15 point inspection (that comes complimentary with every oil change at Mr. Clean Car Wash):

  1. Change the Oil: Changing the oil in a vehicle is crucial to the health and longevity of the engine. Regularly changing the oil can keep a car running smoothly for much longer—not to mention it can give a car greater resale value.
  2. Change the Oil Filter: The oil filter in a vehicle should be changed every time the oil is changed. Failure to change the oil filter can have lasting negative effects on a car. That’s why a new one should be installed every time.
  3. Lubricate Chassis: No one likes a squeaky car. Lubricating chassis helps keep a car’s joints working exactly the way they should be.
  4. Check the Air Filter: Having a clean air filter can not only help the vehicle, but can also be safer for the passengers as well. Clean air filters can keep those in the car from getting sick. Air filters can help keep air cool or hot when needed.
  5. Check Breathers: Pipes on a vehicle need to breath. Sometimes the valves need to be cleaned to get rid of oil and other buildup. Mr. Clean Car Wash checks the breathers to make sure everything is functioning properly.
  6. Check PCV Valve: The PCV valve is crucial. Checking to make sure the PCV valve works properly can help you catch major problems before they occur.
  7. Check Wiper Blades: Streaks and poorly functioning wiper blades can make all the difference when it comes to getting home safely on a rainy day. Checking the blades helps to ensure the safety and security of those in the car.
  8. Check and Fill Coolant: Coolant helps to keep the engine from overheating. It also helps to protect the engine overall. Making sure the fluid is at the proper level helps keep the engine running smoothly.
  9. Check and Fill Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid acts as the lubricant for all of the moving parts in the transmission. Low fluid can cause unnecessary friction. Unnecessary friction can cause costly problems.

10. Check & Fill Differential Fluid: The differential in a car helps to transfer the power of the transmission to the wheels. The fluid helps to cool the car and keep it running properly.

11. Check the Brake Fluid Level: Brake problems are dangerous and costly. Keeping the fluid filled to the right level helps keep the brakes working. This also helps keep everyone in the vehicle safe.

12. Check & Fill Steering Fluid: This fluid helps to keep steering smooth and easy.

13. Check & Fill Windshield Fluid: No one likes getting stuck with pesky streaks on their window. Let Mr. Clean Car Wash top off the windshield washer fluid so those streaks are never a problem.

14. Check Inflation of Tires: Tire pressure is key to great gas mileage, so checking on tire inflation is always a good thing.

15. Check & Fill Battery: The fluid in a car battery can evaporate overtime, so checking the fluid level can help save a car owner from a breakdown.

While the term “Car Wash” may be in their title, Mr. Clean Car Wash does more than just wash cars. Mr. Clean Car Wash is a one stop shop. Check out all of Mr. Clean Car Wash’s oil change services, including their 15 point inspection.