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Benefits Of Using Pennzoil Oil In Your Car

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

A shiny car exterior may be your number one priority with your car care. A flawless body on the outside is great, but making sure that everything is in working order under the hood is vitally important. This starts with routine car maintenance that the pros at Mr. Clean Car Wash and Pennzoil oil can provide. The blood that runs through the veins of your vehicle is the motor oil. We use only the best, with Pennzoil brand oil being the only product we use. Here are some benefits of using Pennzoil and having routine maintenance done on your car to keep it in tip-top shape year round.

Achieve Better Gas Mileage
Be sure to stop by a Mr. Clean Car Wash before you venture out on your next road trip. The specialists at Mr. Clean Car Wash will help you choose an oil change package that will reduce engine sludge and protect your motor while you put extra miles or strain on it. Fuel economy is improved when an engine’s mechanical parts operate more efficiently. Pennzoil synthetic motor oil keeps pistons cleaner than other oils, so your vehicle runs at top performance through a variety of weather and terrain. Pennzoil synthetic oil is created from pure natural gas and then converted into a synthetic base auto oil. It is better for the environment while helping you save money on your vacation by filling up your tank less often.

See Your Vehicle Through Temperature Changes
When warmer temperatures skyrocket, a lot more stress is placed under your car’s engine. This can affect performance. Pennzoil uses PurePlus technology in their synthetic and ultra synthetic motor oil to help protect your engine as it heats up perform under extreme temperatures . This reduces sludge and clogging—which are both factors for early engine failure. Make an appointment today to have the right oil change maintenance package applied to your vehicle.

Improve Engine Power
As your vehicle ages, the power of the motor can tend to wind down as well. Vehicle wear and tear and not getting frequent Pennzoil oil changes can slow your speeds and make your car run sluggish. Pennzoil offers a full range of motor oils that help your engine to run more smoothly and brings back the feeling of power that you first had when taking your car out on the open road.

Increase The Life Of Your Engine
The more miles and years on an engine, the closer it is to its demise. Help preserve and save your vehicle’s engine with an ultra synthetic oil change from Mr. Clean Car Wash. Pennzoil pure synthetic will relieve the burden of damage caused from driving in extreme heat or cold. Using hyper cleansing technology, it will actually clean your engine’s pistons and create a lightweight flow of oil that constantly runs through and nourishes the components of your engine.

Feel Protected
Feel confident that your engine will last longer with regular Pennzoil oil changes. Only Pennzoil offers a 500,000 mile/15 year engine warranty with regular Pennzoil Ultra Synthetic Oil Changes.

Stop by a Mr. Clean Car Wash today to reap the benefits of Pennzoil brand oils for your vehicle.

Pennzoil Oil: When Changing Your Oil, Not Just Any Oil Will Do

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Oil is one of the most essential fluids in your car. Without it, your engine won’t run for long before burning up. The lubrication provided by motor oil reduces friction, heat and wear. Regular oil and filter changes are essential to a smooth-running, long-lasting engine.

So what kind should you use? Beyond brand names (like Pennzoil oil) and weights (5w-30, 10w-40), there are five different types of motor oil. And odds are the manufacturer that built your car has specific recommendations as to what type to use.

  • There’s conventional oil. It does what any oil should do by actively cleaning out sludge to keep your engine running cleaner, cooler and longer.
  • If your vehicle is older and has 75,000 miles or more, you should consider high-mileage oil. It’s specially formulated for older, higher mileage cars, not only reducing sludge but helping to reduce leaks and burn-off.
  • If your vehicle is a truck, minivan or SUV, you should consider a synthetic blend oil at your next oil change and everyone after. Synthetic blend oil is better than conventional oil for severe driving conditions, including trailer towing.
  • For an even cleaner clean inside your engine, synthetic oil is the way to go. It’s also formulated for severe driving conditions and keeps pistons cleaner than the toughest industry standard.
  • And finally, the fifth and finest of the motor oils available today…ultra synthetic oil. Nothing keeps your engine closer to factory clean. Check your owner’s manual to see which oil your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. Pennzoil formulates its synthetic blend, synthetic oil and ultra synthetic oil to be dexos approved, General Motors’ new and rigorous standard for motor oil for its 2012 and newer models.

Can’t find your manufacturer’s recommendations? No problem. Pennzoil oil has an online selector that will help you determine the right type of oil (conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend, synthetic oil and ultra-synthetic oil) for your vehicle.

And remember, not all oil change places are alike, either. Mr. Clean Car Wash never charges shop or disposal fees, and any oil change service (they offer five—one for each type of oil) comes with a free Pro Interior & Exterior Wash! Click here for full details.

Pristine Pistons: How an Oil Change Can Keep Your Car Engine’s Pistons Running Smoothly

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

Even the most conscientious car owners don’t always give as much thought as they should to what happens under the hood of their car. Under the hood is where the car engine does its job. If all of those moving parts aren’t clean and well-maintained, some or all of them could lock up or become damaged. One of those parts is the piston.

What Is a Piston, and What Does It Do?

Let’s start at the beginning. At the most basic level, a combustion engine requires fuel, pressure, and a spark. Pistons work in conjunction with cylinders to provide those elements. When pistons rise, pressure is created in the cylinder. The cylinder contains a vapor composed of air and fuel. When a cylinder is at its highest point, a spark from the spark plug ignites the fuel/air mixture. This reaction sends the piston down at a high rate of speed. Other components then transfer that energy to the wheels.

OK…What Does That Have to Do With an Oil Change?

Oil lubricates a car engine’s moving parts. Think of oil as a coating that protects skin from chafing. In addition, oil draws heat away from a car’s working parts. This is important as a car’s engine can get extremely hot. It also helps prevent buildup from varnish and carbons. When it comes to pistons, oil keeps the pistons from getting scratched during their movement through the cylinders. Eventually, scratches can cause the pistons to lock up — which can result in an engine that doesn’t work and a car that doesn’t drive. Even if things never go that far, sludge and residue can hinder the piston’s movement. This can keep the car engine from operating at maximum efficiency.

What Do I Need to Do toTakeCare of My Car Engine’s Pistons?

Get regular oil changes at the intervals recommended by your manufacturer. In addition, make sure to choose synthetic oil. Synthetic oil has a lot of benefits that natural oil does not. First, it’s created in a lab. That means it can be tweaked to serve different purposes (as opposed to using natural oil). Manufacturers engineer synthetic oil to last longer and to be slicker than natural oil— which means it does a better job of reducing friction.

Your car’s paint and finish are important, but what happens under the hood is important, too. Next time you treat your car to a spa day at Mr. Clean Car Wash, ask about an oil change using synthetic oil.

Pennzoil Motor Oil: The Best Choice at Your Local Oil Change Place

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

There is a lot to choose from in the world of motor oils. As a consumer, you may find yourself pretty overwhelmed by brands, varieties and technology when tasked with choosing the right oil for your vehicle at your local oil change place. Pennzoil motor oil offers the highest protection against engine sludge on the market. It comes in a variety of premium synthetic blends—so it meets the standards of every vehicle on the road. What makes Pennzoil stand out from the rest?

Let’s take a closer look:

Clean Technology

Tolerances in today’s engines are tighter than ever before. Today’s engines have reached the highest of performance and fuel economy standards. With all of their precision, engines are more dependent on clean running oil. As your engine runs, it creates combustion gases, moisture and other deposits that can gum up moving parts. Ultimately, this can hurt your engine’s performance and damage parts. All Pennzoil oils are designed with Active Cleaning Agents that keep your engine clean and free of debris and corrosion. That’s why they’re the oil of choice for flagship vehicles with names like Ferrari and Dodge.


According to Pennzoil, a cleaner engine is better protected and more responsive. Modern engines create a lot of contaminants that can corrode and damage its components. Full synthetic oils capture contaminants and prevent engine-damaging deposits that build up on parts and cause cooling and lubrication issues. Pennzoil offers a variety of synthetic oils from Platinum High Mileage (which is designed for higher mileage engines and restores worn seals and helps prevent leaks) to Platinum and Ultra Platinum (which are the standard for performance vehicles including the 640hp Dodge SRT Viper).

Guaranteed Protection

Pennzoil oils also come with their Lubrication Limited Warranty, which covers 15 critical engine parts. When you enroll in their warranty and use any Pennzoil motor oil except Ultra Platinum, you’re covered for up to 10 years/300,000 miles. Ultra Platinum extends that warranty up to 15 years/500,000 miles thanks to its PurePlus Technology.

Engines these days are precisely engineered. Keeping your engine running at peak performance is more important now than it ever has been. Pennzoil motor oils are designed to keep parts lubricated and to cool them off. This leads to a better running and longer lasting engine.

Mr. Clean Car Wash uses Pennzoil products. For more information on Mr. Clean Car Wash oil changes, check out Mr. Clean Car Wash & Oil Change Plus.

When Is The Right Time For An Oil Change?

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

So much advancement has been made when it comes to motor oil. That said, it can be difficult to determine just how long a car can go before it needs an oil change. The sticker in the corner of the windshield may say 3000 miles while some of mechanic friends may claim it can go 5000 miles. So how can the right time for an oil change be determined? Here are some best practices:

1. Go by the Book

When automakers design vehicles, they spend a lot of time studying the needs of the vehicles in terms of maintenance. They create a service schedule that best fits their products. This schedule can be found in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. This manual will not only describe how often the oil should be changed, but also will provide any additional details about the vehicle’s oil. With some manufacturers, this information can be search and downloaded online as well.

2. Don’t Wait until It’s Too Late

It’s important to remember that oil keeps the engine’s internal parts moving. That said, don’t put changing the oil off too long. Most importantly, don’t just wait for a warning light to come on. Not only does oil lubricate the moving parts, it also carries contaminants and dirt away to protect the engine. The damage caused by a lack of oil is permanent and can cause the engine to fail completely. Waiting to see the low oil light is one of the worst things a car owner could do.

3. Be in the Synthetic Know Synthetic oils have come a long way. Whether the car requires it (some do) or not, using it is something that should be considered. The lifespan for synthetic oil is typically longer than conventional oil and can range up to 7000-10,000 miles. Another factor that will indicate how long to go between changes is driving conditions. Things such as towing, driving in high temperatures or frequent cold starts are all factors that will shorten the lifespan of the engine’s oil. Regular oil changes are important and Mr. Clean Car Wash can provide car owners with more than just a car wash.

Find a local Mr. Clean Car Wash & Oil Change Plus and check the Promotions page for savings on oil changes.