Your Car's Engine Throughout The Seasons: How Weather Has An Impact

Your Car's Engine Throughout The Seasons: How Weather Has An Impact

It can be easy to take your vehicle for granted. With numerous road adventures and daily treks to and from the office, even light wear and tear can affect the overall performance of your car's engine. Keep in mind that weather conditions that your car is frequently exposed to can also affect driving as well as certain mechanical problems. Here are a just a few common problems that you should look out for as your car makes it throughout the seasons.

Spring Into Allergy Season

As spring approaches, it's easy to think about hitting the road and enjoying the awakening of beautiful flowering trees and plants. Along with that comes the wrath of pollination. Pollen buildup along roadways and in the air may not seem like a big deal unless you have allergies. As your car's AC system is running, air is being brought in through the engine area. You may want to consider:

  • Installing a new cabin air filter to prevent excess pollen from reaching inside your car and to improve overall air quality.
  • Having your mechanic replace your car's air filter to help filter pollen and dirt buildup within your engine.

Frequent carwashes at a Mr. Clean Car Wash can help keep pollen counts down and Mr. Clean Car Wash & Oil Change Plus can improve the performance of your car's engine with a new air filter.

Summer Sun Fun

The summertime heat can wreak havoc on your car's cooling system. If the coolant is running low, or is in need of being replaced, your vehicle's thermostat will begin to rise. Overheating can easily occur—leading to significant engine damage. Visit your auto tech throughout the summer to check for coolant leaks and to ensure that fluid levels are within normal range. Get your radiator flushed at Mr. Clean Car Wash & Oil Change Plus so you can hit the road knowing your coolant won't let you down!

Fall Color Road Trips

As temperatures cool down a bit and leaves begin to turn colors, it's the perfect time to head north to experience fall color changes. Here are a few car engine tips to consider:

  • Don't forget frequent oil changes and transmission checkups throughout the fall months. Your technician may recommend a higher viscosity if you're planning on making a lengthy road trip.

Stop by your local Mr. Clean Car Wash & Oil Change Plus to help your engine perform at its best.

Winter Engine Care

When ice and cold temperatures begin to approach, it's time to think about engine maintenance. Be sure that your antifreeze levels are within the specified range in your engine. This will lubricate components, prevent fluids from freezing and allow your engine to provide proper heat. Don't forget to run your vehicle through the Mr. Clean Car Wash to remove salt and dirt buildup from treated roadways.

Keeping your engine serviced should be a huge priority for overall preventative care year round. Along with that comes routine maintenance to ensure your vehicle's engine is working top-notch through every season. Remember to check out money saving coupons on your next oil change and car wash at Mr. Clean Car Wash.