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Oil Types: Which One Should You Use In Cooler Weather?

Seasons change and, depending on where you live, so might the oil types your car should use. When the weather turns cold, thicker oil has a...

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Preparing Your Car For The Winter Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, your to-do list is likely a mile long! With last minute shopping and rushing around to get your home...

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The Importance of Washing Under a Vehicle

When a car goes through a car wash, the last thing that a car owner usually thinks of to clean in the part of the car they can’t see. Out...

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It's More Than Just Tires. How To Prep Your Vehicle For Winter Driving.

With the cooler, winter months approaching, there's a lot of things to consider when it comes to car winterizing and maintenance. Here at Mr....

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Tips for Attaching a Tree to Your Car

Before you can gather around the Christmas tree and enjoy the holiday spirit, it’s necessary to get the tree home from the lot. Unless...

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Detail In Winter? Yes!

If you think detailing your car is just for those spring and summer months where the sun can glint off the freshly polished and waxed exterior,...

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Why You Should Wax Your Car Before Winter Comes

When you wax your car in spring and summer, you get to enjoy the gleam of the sun off your glossy, shiny paint . And then there’s the fun...

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Winter Maintenance Tips to Avoid Engine Repairs

With Old Man Winter soon on his way, it's a good idea to ready your car for his arrival with some winter maintenance. Here at Mr. Clean Car...

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Tough Stains in Your Car's Interior (and what to do about them)

Remember when your car was your baby? Tough stains weren’t an issue because you wouldn’t allow anything that could cause such a...

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Car Wash Coupons with Everyday Value

Keeping a car clean is essential to the value and even safety of a vehicle. A clean car can keep it running the way it should and can protect...

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